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October 7, 2022

Timisoara Mayor comes to Ministry of Interior to draw attention on flow of migrants through his city. IntMin Bode:  We found out some strategies of combating the phenomenon

Timisoara City Mayor, Dominic Fritz, has come to the Ministry of Interior to discuss with Minister Lucian Bode (photo) about the problem of migrants coming from Serbia and wanting to illegally cross the border with Hungary.

“I want to draw attention to the fact that we now have over two thirds of these migrants who are registered in Timisoara. Many of them return to Timisoara after being accommodated in centres all over the country because they hope to leave Timisoara. So Timisoara is the city that bears the consequences of this phenomenon and I will have a discussion with the Minister about how we can fight this phenomenon as a nation because we as a city cannot solve this national problem,” Dominic Fritz said on Tuesday, in front of the Ministry of Interior headquarters.

He specified that there is an area around the North Train Station in Timisoara where there are dozens of migrants who have nowhere to stay and this also creates a social problem.

The Timisoara City Hall has placed in quarantine, in just two weeks, over 1,000 foreigners who wanted to illegally enter Romania.


IntMin Bode:  We found out some strategies of combating the phenomenon


Minister of Interior Lucian Bode, after a meeting with Timisoara City Mayor Dominic Fritz on Tuesday, said that they had found a way to transport the migrants who come to Timisoara, under supervision, back to the other centres in the country.

“We are facing a lack of accommodation in Timisoara, we have reached a capacity of 128pct at the moment. Of course, we will have other free beds available in the next period. But we want to limit these travels from the other centres in the country to Timisoara,” said Bode, in front of the MAI (Ministry of Interior) headquarters.

He specified that the local authorities must have support from the state in order to be able to settle these expenses.

“We discussed how we could limit this phenomenon of illegal migration to a minimum and the Border Police, the General Inspectorate for Immigration presented (…) how we thought of limiting this phenomenon – by equipping these structures of the Ministry of Interior with modern means – drones, thermal-imaging cameras, motion sensors – these are endowments that have entered and will enter our structures precisely to limit this phenomenon,” Bode also stated.

The Minister added that he also discussed with the Timisoara City Mayor about dismantling the networks of guides, because “it’s clear” that very few of these migrants arrive in Timisoara to remain here.

“There is a network of guides who bring them and take them over in order to lead them to one of the Western countries. We have dismantled such networks, we will continue to pay close attention to this activity through the Romanian Police, and in the next period you will see results,” said Bode.

The Timisoara Mayor welcomed the decision to find ways to transport migrants back to centres in the country.

“It is very clear that the local authorities, the national authorities must collaborate. (…). Today we found out some strategies of combating the phenomenon, but what was important for us, for Timisoara, to discuss, was that, indeed, this phenomenon in which asylum seekers come back to Timisoara, where they are homeless people or living in abandoned buildings, and this is not a situation that can go on,” said Dominic Fritz, according to Agerpres.

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