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September 29, 2022

Spacehack 2021 – innovate towards success | Online Hackathon by 4MAYO

Romania occupies the last position in Europe for the Financial Education leaderboards. This is a hard pill to swallow, but it’s the reality. 4MAYO decided to take a stance for this cause, by doing what it knows best, a hackathon.

Spacehack is an online 24-hour hackathon that will take place on the 27-28 February weekend. Our target audience is diverse, both regarding their IT area of expertise (development, design, product) and their seniority level (even if you are a newbie or you are already a veteran, this hackathon is perfect for you).

As we’ve already said, Financial Education is a real issue in Romania and we’d like to change that, so we created a category dedicated to this theme, thus giving you the chance to create an application that can help its users become better at managing their finances. If you would like to take part in this category but lack technical knowledge or prototyping ideas, there’s no need  to worry – throughout the event there will be mentors with vast experiences ready to guide and assist you with any issues or dilemmas you might encounter. Moreover, you’ll be free to use any technology and application types you feel comfortable with, zero restrictions regarding this matter.


*Is this Spacehack’s only category?*


Not really. We’ve also got the “National NGOs Challenge”, where technical NGOs from all over the country will send a 3 person team that will represent them in building an app useful for their activity or community. We can’t go further without mentioning and giving them a round of applause: SiSC, LSE Bucharest, LSAC, BEST Bucharest, LSE Iași, OSUT Cluj, OSUT Timișoara, ASMI and Eestec.


*Sounds great, give me more details*


Well, it’s easy – you’ve got just two things to do: support your favourite NGO and register for the Financial Education category with a team of 2-3 people in total or, if you feel brave enough, you can give it a shot on your own (you have time to decide until February 22nd). The hackathon will take place online entirely, on platforms such as Zoom and Discord for different phases of the event, giving you the possibility to interact with us, your mentors, or other participants.


*Ok, ok, but what about prizes?*


We’ve got those as well, totaling €1200 in eMag vouchers, provided by our financial partners, Luxoft și Sustainalytics. If you don’t make it in the best 3 teams, don’t worry, we’ve also got special prizes offered by Bookster and Telecom Academy. We know that the experience you’ll have and the things you’ll learn are enough, but prizes are welcomed at any time, right?


Are you ready to take on the challenge? You are not on your own, we’ll be by your side with whatever help you need and create a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. After you register, we’d appreciate if you also join our social media events, either on Facebook or LinkedIn (or both) and if you have any questions, feel free to ask us.


Accept the challenge and register here.


About 4MAYO


4MAYO is a learning platform and a community as well, dedicated to those with a passion for technology. We provide our community with online content and events, like this one, with the main goal of improving their skills, both technical and non-technical.


You can see more of our content on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and on our website, where you can find articles and information about our activity and previous events.


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