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September 29, 2022

Signal Iduna Insurance Reinsurance launches 101 Invest, life insurance with an investment component

The insurance company SIGNAL IDUNA INSURANCE REINSURANCE has launched 101 Invest, a unit-linked insurance product that combines the characteristics of a life insurance with those of an investment component.

The product is addressed to people who want to increase their income through medium or long-term investment and, at the same time, to benefit from financial protection for them and their loved ones in case of an unforeseen event.

101 Invest is an insurance product managed in euro, with unlimited territoriality. Among the benefits of the unit-linked life insurance is the income increase on medium or long term, through investments in exclusive funds. The acquisition process is 100% digital, the product being distributed through the partners SIGNAL IDUNA INSURANCE REINSURANCE.

HANSAINVEST, a member of the SIGNAL IDUNA Group, is the exclusive management house. As an investment opportunity, clients can choose from any of the four selected investment funds from the portfolio: HANSAcentro, HANSAdynamic, SI Best Select, HANSA smart Select E.

“The current behavior of Romanians shows the need for saving and for financial protection. That’s why we created 101 Invest, for people interested in both the benefits provided by the death insurance and the increase in income on medium or long term. The new insurance product gives our customers access to exclusive investment funds. They have the opportunity to change the investment structure, depending on their own strategy and risk appetite: they can transfer units between funds whenever they want, change the percentage of investment allocated to each fund and change the insurance beneficiary, at no cost “, says Nicolae Trofin, Member of Directorate of SIGNAL IDUNA INSURANCE REINSURANCE.

In order to purchase the insurance, the contractor must be at least 18 years old and the maximum age at the end of the contract can be up to 101 years old. The insured can be between 1 year and 65 years old at the time of starting the contract. The minimum period of the policy is 10 years, and the payment frequency of the insurance premium can be annual, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly. At the same time, the contractor benefits from flexibility regarding the policy redemption process, after the first six months of the contract, having the possibility to choose for a partial or a total redemption of the value of the collected investment units.

The coverage of the 101 Invest insurance policy can be extended by adding one or more additional insurances at the starting point of the insurance or at each contractual anniversary for: death due to an accident, permanent disability due to an accident, insurance premium payment suspension as a result of an accident, hospitalization as a result of an accident, repatriation in case of death as a result of an accident, etc.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has increassed the need for protection and security for unforeseen situations. This will lead to the development of products adapted to different stages of life, with new types of coverage and increased flexibility, including in terms of payment. Through 101 Invest we aim to meet the needs of the investment-oriented consumer behavior and to offer a viable alternative in terms of diversifying the ways of investing the available financial resources”, added Nicolae Trofin.



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