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October 4, 2022

Citu at the “Prime Minister’s Hour” in Parliament: We have balanced, credible budget, build around investment, which forces reform

Prime Minister Florin Citu told a plenary sitting of the Chamber of Deputies on Monday that the draft 2021 national budget is a “balanced” one, built “around investment,” adding that it is also a budget that forces reform, a process that will start this year.

“This year we have a balanced budget, a credible budget, the first such one in 30 years, recognised by the Fiscal Council and international institutions, a budget built around investment. Last year as well, the same people told us we would destroy Romania. Well, that is not so. In the biggest economic crisis in the last hundred years we have managed to have the biggest economic growth in the European Union, despite everything you did in the Romanian Parliament. We have shown you how to do economics (…) It is a budget built around investment, because we have clearly shown that only investment will lead to the development of Romania, but a budget that forces reform – and that is what frightens you; you are afraid that the sinecure holders you have appointed to public positions will no longer be there, they will no longer have the same pay. I can tell you that we will do reforming this year!,” Citu told a Prime Minister’s Question Time debate in the Chamber of Deputies.

The debate was initiated by the Social Democratic Party (PSD), whose lawmakers showed up for the sitting with placards reading critical messages to the prime minister. As Citu was delivering his speech, PSD MP Toma Ilie brought a cardboard scythe to the chamber’s podium.


“Invitation from PSD has nothing to do with budget”


Prime Minister Florin Citu on Monday said that the invitation he received from the PSD (Social Democratic Party) to come to the Chamber of Deputies for the “Prime Minister’s Hour” to debate on the budget has actually nothing to do with the budget itself, but with the Social Democrats wanting to see how much I can resist “while they’re throwing insults at me.”

“Romanians should know that this invitation from the PSD has nothing to do with Romania’s budget. They invited me here to see how much I can resist while they are throwing insults at me. I tell you that this Prime Minister can resist a lot. But let’s also see who challenges me, who are those who challenge me. The PSD leadership: Marcel Ciolacu, Sorin Grindeanu, Paul Stanescu, Mihai Tudose. These are the ones who challenge me. I repeat the names of those who challenge me: Marcel Ciolacu, Sorin Grindeanu, Mihai Tudose, Paul Stanescu, all the servants of Liviu Dragnea and Darius Valcov,” Florin Citu said in the plenum of the Chamber of Deputies.

The head of Executive went on to criticize the First Deputy Chairman of PSD Sorin Grindeanu, a former head of Executive himself.

He also recalled the activity of Social Democrats Mihai Tudose, Marcel Ciolacu and Paul Stanescu.

According to him, through the modifications they brought to the budget draft, the Social Democrats want Romania to stop paying to the European Commission its contribution as a member state of the EU.

“Modifications that, if we put them together – and yes, I did calculate this for you, since you didn’t – account for 6pct of the GDP. However, even more tragic and I believe that this is even close to treason against our country, is the fact that they propose we do not pay our contribution as a member state of the European Union to the European Commission anymore. This is where they are taking the money from, from our contribution to the European Commission. I will not allow this, misters! Romania has its well established European path to follow and I won’t allow PSD to interfere with it,” underscored Citu.

At the plenary sitting, the PSD PMs showed signs criticizing the policy behind the budget drafted by the Citu Government.


PSD’s Ciolacu tells PM Citu his 10 minute speech costs Romania 600,000 euros in loans


National chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Marcel Ciolacu told a plenary sitting of the Chamber of Deputies on Monday that Prime Minister Citu borrowed 600,000 euros in 10 minutes he spoke during a Prime Minister’s Question Time debate.

“Mr Prime Minister, you spoke for about 10 minutes. During all this time you got Romania indebted by 600,000 euro; 1,000 euros per second, money stolen from the pockets of every Romanian that will be paid for by our children and grandchildren. Mr Citu, you have no money to give the back pay to the miners in Jiu Valley, who have barricaded themselves underground for 7 days, although in the election campaign you found 2 billion for the National Liberal Party (PNL) mayors. Electoral bribe! You got that money from nowhere. Mr Citu, I am telling to your face: Give people their money! Urgently! Don’t mistreat them anymore! It’s their hard-earned money. That’s the least you can do, since you have no vision at all! That’s why all you can do is come before Parliament with a budget of austerity; a budget of poverty. A budget that does not offer any development perspective to Romania,” Ciolacu told a Prime Minister’s Question Time at a plenary sitting of the Chamber of Deputies initiated by PSD.

He added that Romania “is adrift today” because the government has allocated the smallest financial package in the European Union for economic recovery and the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ciolacu called Citu the “absolute champion of hatred” who hates the public employees, whom he now threatens with pay cuts and layoffs, and hates the private sector, which he lied to for a whole year that he would help.

“Admit that you did not even read the public pay law, the law you want to change! Had you read it, you would not have lied to Romanians that there are pay bonuses of 85% [of the base pay], as they are capped by law at 30%. You wouldn’t have lied that there was a bonus for the use of computers, as that was repealed 20 years ago. The only bonus you have discarded was for the prefecture workers, which you yourself started paying last year. Mr Citu you have rejected the government agenda the first day of your term! You have cut public healthcare spending by 11% and you have earmarked the lowest percentage of GDP in the last 30 years in education spending!,” he added.


Citu: Dear PSD MPs, open a book, reading killed nobody


– Prime Minister Florin Citu told Social Democratic Party (PSD) parliamentarians to “open a book”, thus accusing them of not being able to read the draft budget for 2021 that the Government has drawn up.

“Dear colleagues and esteemed Romanians, as I told you, it was not about the budget today, here. You saw it very well, those who discussed the budget did not understand it. I promise that I will take it from my time, again, to educate you. I was thinking of enrolling you in school, Mr. Ciolacu, and you, Paul Stanescu, in a tuition faculty, but, at the same time, I tell you what I have been saying in these 4 years in which we have seen one another in Romania’s Parliament: dear PSD MPs, open a book, reading has not killed anyone,” Florin Citu told Monday’s debates in the Chamber of Deputies in “Prime Minister’s Hour”.


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