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October 4, 2022

European standards for children with cancer! The first promise fulfilled in the ##SpitalePublicedinBaniPrivați campaign

Codin Maticiuc and Cosmopolis complete the first stage of renovation of the 7th floor of the Fundeni Clinical Institute

  • With the support of the Metropolis Foundation, the Cosmopolis residential complex and other sponsors, the salons were repartitioned and all the medical equipment and electrical installations were replaced.
  • The floor where the worst cases of pediatric cancer are treated has new facilities for detection, signaling and alarm in case of fire
  • Major investments were also made for the doctors of the department to benefit from new medical offices, changing rooms and modern toilets

Less than six months after the start of the renovation project of the Pediatric Oncology Department of the Fundeni Clinical Institute in Bucharest, Codin Maticiuc, the Metropolis Foundation and Cosmopolis announce the successful completion of the first stage of reconstruction. So far, half of the medical unit’s wards have been renovated and brought to European standards. In total, over 100,000 euros were invested in the renovation of 220 square meters of the 7th floor.

The old ceiling, carpentry, electrical and medical gas installations have been replaced with modern solutions, which will not endanger the life of any patient who seeks hope and help here. Following the donation made by the Cosmopolis residential complex, the Pediatric Oncology Department now benefits from a fire detection, signaling and alarm installation – a rarity in Romanian hospitals. The place of the yellowed and weathered walls, covered with oil-based or washable paint, has now been taken by antibacterial-treated walls and medical floors of the highest quality.

To provide more comfort to patients, each ward is now equipped with its own bathroom, according to European standards, bringing the oncology department closer to what should be normal in public hospitals since 2021. With the support of Cosmopolis, to increase safety and for the comfort of the patients, the wards were recompartmented so that the little ones could enjoy more space. Medical consoles, equipment support bars, a nurse calling system and sockets for compressed air and oxygen were installed.

“On the seventh floor of the Institute are treated the worst cases of pediatric cancer. The childhood of these patients already means a long series of treatments, pain and sadness. No child should go through such a thing. The renovation of the section is such a small gesture compared to the situation these children are going through, but they need our full support! I can only be glad that we managed to finish the first stage so quickly. The good done so far is just a drop in the ocean, but involvement is proof that we can mobilize, we can help, we can do good and not be careless, “said Codin Maticiuc, initiator and coordinator of the project.

Although the initial renovation plan included only the halls and halls of the department, the mobilization of Cosmopolis made it possible for the project to be extended to the renovation of the entire floor of the Institute.

“Even the best doctors need modern spaces to save lives. In order to be able to offer the best treatment, we considered that the doctors of the department need new medical offices, locker rooms, toilets and a modern kitchen. These doctors are the only rescue of little ones who discover at an early age what torment and suffering mean. Cosmopolis invests in people’s well-being, creates the best living conditions for communities, the family comes first, and this project fully complies with our vision and values. Although we want no one to have to reach these sections, the reality is different, and the business environment is ready to come to the rescue. We will continue to support, “said Ahmet Buyukhanli, president of the company that develops Cosmopolis residential project.

Along with Cosmopolis, the biggest sponsors of the project are Mihai Bendeac, Grohe, Kaufland, Mega Image, Roechling Automotive Pitești and Superbet. Together with the sponsors, Codin Maticiuc’s team and the Metropolis Foundation are now preparing for the second stage of the project, the execution duration being estimated at 3 months.

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