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October 3, 2022

How some of the largest and most appreciated employers managed the crisis: From creating robots and ensuring a higher salary to speech championships

HR trends in 2021, discussed at the conference Top Employers -Undelucram.ro”



  • Some of the most appreciated companies in Romania come to the conference “Top Employers -Undelucram.ro” on March 4
  • Microsoft, Orange, EY, JYSK, Libra Internet Bank, LIDL- speakers
  • Trends of 2021 and solutions found in 2020 – the main topics of the conference
  • 2021- the year of optimism
  • What companies that employees appreciate do


They built robots to automate their work, offered higher salaries during technical unemployment or created speech championships or argumentation sessions – these are just some of the solutions that HR managers from some of the largest companies in Romania found last year. Six HR managers representing some of the most appreciated companies in Romania will talk about such solutions and the trends of 2021 at the conference “Top Employers -Undelucram.ro” on March 4.

The speakers who will participate in the March 4 conference are Adina Vidroiu – HR LEAD Romania, Greece, and Cyprus within Microsoft (1st place on the IT&C and General segments); Elena Nedelcu – Head of PR & Employer Branding Department within Libra Internet Bank (1st place in the Banking segment); Irina Verioti – Talent Acquisition Manager within Orange Romania (1st place in the Telecommunications segment); Irina Mînzală – HR Director of EY Romania & Moldova (1st place in Consulting); Simona Carp – HR Manager Romania & Bulgaria JYSK (2nd place Non-food Retail segment); Georgiana Alecu – LIDL Recruitment & Employer Branding Manager (2nd place in the Retail Food segment).

This year’s trends, how some companies have become very appreciated by employees and what initiatives companies are going to focus on this year – are some of the topics of the conference “Top Employers – Undelucram.ro” organized by Undelucram.ro on March 4.


Irina Verioti, Talent Acquisition Manager at Orange Romania, talks about what the crisis of 2020 meant and the measures taken by the company:


“The health crisis caused by Covid-19 was the biggest challenge and a major disruptive factor of our activity. We were forced to adapt quickly and retreat overnight to ensure all our colleagues’ health and safety.

We managed to do this primarily through communication; this has been and is one of our levers. Through communication, we have discovered new opportunities for online workspaces, collaboration, innovation, it helped us socialize and maintain the feeling of belonging to a group of people who share common values and find purpose in their work.

At the same time, we listened carefully to our colleagues’ needs in the recent Pulse surveys launched in the company and we responded with tailor-made solutions to their needs. These answers helped us a lot in managing the situation. With their help, we managed to outline an internal action plan that was adjusted along the way, depending on how things evolved externally.

In 2020, we managed to successfully design, produce and implement the largest projects in our human resources history: a new performance process, a new application for managing employee performance and evolution, a new learning program dedicated to both leaders and non-leaders, and a new wellness offer.

At the same time, we reinvented the wellness programs to be delivered online, we built robots to help us issue work certificates, we stayed close to all our colleagues in the organization and we took care of their health and safety. Last but not least, we communicated clearly and effectively every day, and this brought us closer and motivated us even more”.

Approximately 3,600 employees work for Orange Romania. Currently, 85% of Orange Romania, Orange Services, and Orange Money employees work from home. The HR department of the telecommunications operator has 40 employees.


Simona Carp, HR Manager JYSK Romania & Bulgaria, speaks about the most important measure taken last year and a piece of advice she would give now thinking about the time of March 2020


“The most important measure taken to support employees, which also had the greatest impact on our colleagues, was to support their salaries by up to 75% during the period when all 90 JYSKs in the country were closed. Thus, our colleagues had an income close to the usual one in the months when we did not have activity.

It was important, especially since we didn’t know how long we would stay with the shops closed and we didn’t know what would happen when the authorities allowed the stores to reopen. We were forced to close the stores completely during the state of emergency, and the amount provided by the state was a maximum of 75% of the average gross salary. At the same time, we kept all the benefits that our colleagues had to be affected as little as possible by the closure of stores.

The best advice I would have liked to have received in March-April last year would have been: «Be prepared for online! It will take longer than you expect!». And when I think about being prepared, I think about the possibility of quickly moving everything online, especially the training (training materials, cameras, their setup)”.

Over 900 employees work for JYSK Romania and Bulgaria. Because JYSK is a retail company only support departments work online. There are four employees in the company’s HR department.


Irina Mînzală, HR Director of EY Romania & Moldova, talks about this year’s trends in HR and how she sees the return to office work


“The local labor market was hardly tested in 2020, in the context of the global pandemic. However, this huge challenge has forced companies to think and apply more flexible strategies than in the past. Remote work, the flexible program – resulting from the needs of both employees and employers, but also the acceleration of digitalization have created a «new normal» in the work landscape.

2021 will consolidate these trends in the context in which last year’s experience showed that employee productivity remained the same and that business processes can be simplified, streamlined, and automated for many companies in the corporate environment.

If 2020 was a galloping year and was under the sign of the pandemic, 2021 is a year of optimism.

So, we set off in the new year with the lessons learned and we discovered that we can offer the same professional services, with the same quality standard, regardless of the formula by which we deliver them.I believe, however, that interpersonal relationships and social issues are essential for a solid organizational culture and that the need to be heard, seen, and connected has not diminished but, on the contrary, has intensified. EY has kept the offices open, in a restricted form, for all those who wanted to continue working from the office on certain days to capitalize on this necessary human interaction aspect.

At the moment, it is difficult to predict what the future will look like, but I think that an optimal formula can be found, a formula that combines both the aspects of the new normal and the aspects of the old normal that we long for”.


Elena Nedelcu, Head of PR & Employer Branding Department at Libra Internet Bank, speaks about what she learned from the crisis and the measures taken by the company in 2020


“The most important measure we took last year was related to the fact that we managed to provide all colleagues with the necessary conditions to be able to work efficiently and from home while maintaining a positive work climate in the company. Also, we have created and implemented new programs for employees, such as speech championships (Libra Voices) or argumentation sessions (Debatable), 100% online, which have aroused colleagues’ interest as much as the previous ones. Thus, although seeming paradoxical, the communication between employees has become perhaps more intense and closer than ever, and the organizational culture has kept intact that successful mix between the spirit of competition and the spirit of the team.Last year I learned that prevention is better than cure. The fact that we have always been dynamic and agile has allowed us to react and adapt quickly to situations that appeared, regardless of their nature. This was the advantage through which we managed to manage very well the high level of uncertainty that characterized this whole period and to remain, thus, relevant, efficient and optimist”.

The conference “Top Employers -Undelucram.ro” on March 4 is organized with the support of BUSINESS Magazin and Ziarul Financiar. The videoconference can be watched on the bmag.ro and zf.ro websites and on the Facebook pages of BUSINESS Magazin and Ziarului Financiar.




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