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October 7, 2022

45 law students cheating in the winter session exams expelled from faculty

45 law freshmen who cheated in the winter session exams were expelled from faculty, Rector of the University of Bucharest, Marian Preda, announced on Tuesday.

“We also have the confessions of students who, in talks with faculty representatives, admitted to cheating in exams. Consequently, the Council of the Faculty of Law, composed of the nationally best-reputed law experts, voted by a large majority in favor of the expulsion proposal. In the face of proof, the regulations in force of the Faculty of Law and the norms that underlie the academic activity of the Bucharest University lead us to a single legal institutional response. I wouldn’t want us to easily get over the moral aspect of this situation, especially as today’s students of the Faculty of Law are the ones who will serve justice in the future, and a strong state, a state governed by the rule of law needs correct, honest, good law professionals. Therefore, in my capacity as Rector of the University of Bucharest, I validate the expulsion proposal following the fraud found with a large majority by the Council of the Faculty of Law,” the Rector said, according to Agerpres.

According to him, the evidence that substantiates the decisions shows “without the trace of doubt” that the students in question “have obviously and repeatedly” violated the regulations of the faculty and of the university at several exams.

The Rector of the Bucharest University said that he carefully pondered on the expulsion proposal submitted by the Council of the Faculty of Law, and that he also discussed the matter with his fellow Deputy Rectors.

He explained that “constant” discussions are being held within this higher education institution regarding the improvement of the teaching process, of the student-professor relations, about education focused on the student’s and the society’s needs.

In his opinion, no software can replace the integrity and morality of the person sitting in front of the computer.

Marian Preda announced that in the next period he will start extensive consultations with the students from all the faculties of the university because he considers that the process of student evaluation by the professors “needs to be better supervised so as to allow a clear intervention, especially in order to prevent dysfunctional situations.”

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