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December 1, 2022

Dendrio and KFactory team up with ProCredit Bank to digitalize Romanian factories

Two Romanian entrepreneurial companies Dendrio, specialized in IT&C solutions integration and KFactory, a start-up specialized in automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices, join forces with ProCredit Bank to digitalize Romanian factories.

The three entities have just launched “Digitalization ROI Calculator” where companies operating factories can calculate how much money they can save by going digital and, subsequently, can access the Digitization Investment Credit for SMEs offered by ProCredit Bank for financing.

“Over the past year, we have received from clients multiple requests for funding digitalization projects. We want to offer them complete factory digitalization solutions through this partnership, including project financing solutions through ProCredit Bank. In this context, we aim to accelerate the decision-making and implementation process taking into consideration that the current crisis has diminished CAPEX-type investment budgets,” stated Vlad Cazan, co-founder of KFactory.

The KFactory Core solution targets factories as it helps increase their production performance (OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness) by up to 25%. The solution can be implemented in a few weeks and can be integrated with different types of equipment, new and old, from different manufacturers. At the same time, it analyzes the events captured over a longer period by providing information and answers to not only what happened but also to why something happened. KFactory Core also sends regular reports and analyses to all operational managers. Therefore, the solution provides up to 80% more accuracy on operational decisions related to production and allows up to 95% more time for the data collection and processing teams to carry-out other activities within the factory.

Based on the experience and results obtained from current customers, a mid-level factory that operates at least 20 machines in three shifts can reach an added value of at least 1 million lei as a direct benefit from increased performance and productivity by approximately 10%. By implementing and using the Kfactory solution, companies will produce more with the same resources. Any company can calculate the return on investment in factory digitalization using the “Digitalization ROI Calculator” available here: https://www.dendrio.com/solutii-de-digitalizare-pentru-fabrici/.

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, many investment budgets, especially those of local entrepreneurial companies, were diminished. The key advantage of the partnership between Dendrio, KFactory and ProCredit Bank is that companies can start the digitalization process without any initial investment without providing guarantees to the bank. The investment can be paid in installments for up to 5 years. Therefore, companies implement the solutions and then pay the installments using the monthly savings from digitalization. Additionally, ProCredit Bank offers a flexible credit line, available also for further investment or working capital.

“We understand how important investments in digitalization solutions are. We have been supporting the development initiatives of Romanian SMEs for a long time through our financing programs or European programs without requesting guarantees from the client. Through the partnership with Dendrio and KFactory, we want to expand the support offered to Romanian manufacturers. Thus, we created the Investment Credit in Digitalization for SMEs, a product that meets the need for automation in terms of production,“ stated Mariana Petkova – General Manager ProCredit Bank.

“At Dendrio, we believe that technology can radically transform the life of a company for the better. We want to help all companies with entrepreneurial DNA that feel that technology can be a key success factor to accelerate the digitalization process as much and as quickly as possible. That is why we offer our customers a unique package of technology, education and digital craftsmen, together with our partners from KFactory and ProCredit Bank,” stated Cristian Herghelegiu (photo), CEO of Dendrio.


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