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May 23, 2022

DIGI celebrates gender diversity and equal opportunities

  • Diversity is a source of innovation and cohesion within the DIGI group, the largest local entrepreneurial employer in Romania in 2020, with women making an important contribution to the evolution of business in Romania and other markets (Spain, Hungary and Italy);
  • Approximately 31% of DIGI employees in Romania are women, a similar representation with other European operators deploying core-activities in telecommunications, based on optical fiber infrastructure conception, building, maintenance, provision and sales of convergent mobile electronic communications services;
  • All DIGI employees benefit of the opportunity to design and enjoy a complete career in the telecommunications industry, with a wide variety of occupations. Equitable treatment of all employees, regardless of gender, age, origin, work capacity, religious orientation etc., and internal mobility are the key to a successful and lasting employee-employer relationship.


Gender diversity, a priority for the employee relations within DIGI


In the last 12 months, in challenging times when companies had to take rapid action on organizing activities and rethinking flows, DIGI group has remained consistent with the policy of gender diversity and equity in labor relations.

Thus, at the end of 2020, the fixed and mobile telecommunications operator that owns one of the most extensive and modern fiber optic networks in the region, had a total workforce of over 14,600 employees in Romania, out of which almost 31% was represented by women. Moreover, the ladies have had an important contribution to the implementation of the company’s business strategy and to the decision-making, with 40% of the group’s managers being women.

As for the distribution by areas of activity and functions, the group offers a diverse perspective of professional development to Digi Ladies, the multitude of options being reflected in the representation at the level of professions and occupations. Thus, 48% of employed women are involved in sales and commercial activities, 20% in customer service, 17% in administrative activities, support functions, logistics, procurement, 10% in the technical field and 5% in mass-media division, 94% of employees working full-time.

“Gender diversity is part of DIGI group organizational culture and the way in which the management team and all colleagues relate to it is a strong point of the labor relations in our company. On the occasion of March 8th, I thank all my colleagues for their valuable contribution to the progress of our company, in an industry that is still perceived as a masculine world and I congratulate them for their tenacity and inspiration in our company.

I encourage young women who want to embrace the field of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) to embark confidently on this path of telecommunications, because it is a journey to a robust career, with challenging projects and experiences that aim far into the future. We would be happy for such a career to be honed in one of the most dynamic companies in Romania and in Europe – DIGI”, said Serghei Bulgac, the CEO of the DIGI group.


An organizational culture based on the human rights respect and the encouragement of initiative


DIGI offers to all employees a level playing field and during the activity it supports the stages of professional evolution through training and personal development programs. The company encourages all employees, regardless of gender, to develop professionally, offering equal opportunities to collaborators in order to access solid careers. Because strengthening an inclusive culture is based on listening to and understanding the employee’s expectations, performance and job satisfaction are also pillars on which the company relies.

DIGI actively promotes diversity and strengthens, through continuous efforts, an inclusive culture, based on principles such as equal opportunities, regardless of the criteria of ethnicity, national origin, gender, age, disabilities, education or religion. The complex universe of diversity is found, within the DIGI company, both in internal policies and regulations and in the strong commitment of the management team to recognize and respect the individual differences, while evaluating the employees’ contribution to the development of the business. Also, through communication and awareness actions, the company’s top management shares to all levels of responsibility of the company the principles stated in the Diversity Charter, to which the group adhered in 2019.

“DIGI group in Romania means over 14,600 dedicated professionals, who respect their profession and respect and support each other, representing a whole with a huge force that has constantly proved its efficiency, but especially in the last year. Considering the recent challenges, the company reconfigures the elements that support the needs of the new employee profile, such as: communication, emotional support, motivational levers, solutions for technological approach and flexible work processes as a whole.

As for the training of the workforce, we take into account the diversity of job categories, the nature of work, the affinity and the socio-economic culture of different generations, the challenge for DIGI, as an employer, being to achieve balance, especially in the heterogeneous structures composing our organization.

Empathy and solidarity are key elements cultivated through various mutual support projects and internal communication actions. Digi Awards is an example of annual program recognizing the performance of our employees, an internal contest that in 2020 was conducted exclusively online, involving all employees in the country and in which 51% of the nominees were women”, said Camelia Maria, the Director of the Human Resources Department.

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