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October 4, 2022

PSD’s simple motion against Economy Minister defeated in the Senate. Nasui: I have not destabilized any economy

The Senate rejected today by a vote of 55 to 72 and one abstention the simple motion against Economy Minister Claudiu Nasui, titled “Romania in agony, with Nasui at Economy”.

The 41 Social Democratic Party (PSD) senators who signed the motion demanded the “immediate” dismissal of Economy Minister Claudiu Nasui.

The vote was secret, with balls.


Nasui: I have not destabilized any economy


The binge on public money is over and the motion will not make me stop, but continue even stronger, Economy Minister Claudiu Nssui said on Tuesday during the debate on the simple motion against him titled “Romania in agony, with Nasui at Economy”, submitted by the Social Democratic Party (PSD) senators.

“I did not come here to make political statements, I came to dismantle all the points you raised. Some deserve explanations, which I have given publicly several times, others are pure lies. (… ) You filed this motion because I disturbed your financial interests (…) You are cooking up figures to make it look like the motion has a basis, but in fact it has none. I have not destabilized any economy, only the clique economy with which you were used to and which you settled, the one that is connected to the taxpayer’s money. You have the impression that you can intimidate or blackmail me, but you will not succeed (…) The binge on the taxpayers’ money is over. did you really think that if you make a motion I will stop and start financing your clientele again or I will start giving money to interest groups if you call me and exert political pressure? Not in the slightest. All you do is encourage me to continue to be stronger,” Nasui said, according to Agerpres.

He analyzed, in turn, all the points in the motion, starting with the lack of a strategy to support the industry, noting that, for the first time, there exists the “most liberal and fair” strategy to support the whole economy, one of debureaucratization, facilitation of financing for all and reform of state-owned companies.

Claudiu Nasui also addressed the accusation that he would like to sell state-owned companies for nothing, pointing out that, “after decades of PSD blood-sucking”, many companies ended up being worth little or even less because they ended up incurring record losses, out of 37 companies where the ministry is a significant shareholder, 28 having serious economic problems.

At the same time, Nasui described as “a big lie” the statement according to which StartUp Nation would no longer be financed and specified that this year there are 673 million lei for the payment of arrears.

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