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October 1, 2022

E-distribuție companies to exceed this year the threshold of 1,000,000 smart meters installed

  • In 2021, the Romanian distribution companies of the Enel Group plan to install over 160,000 smart meters to the benefit of consumers
  • In 45 localities in Muntenia, Banat and Dobrogea, the areas where E-Distributie companies operate, the rollout of smart meters exceeds 90%



The E-Distributie companies, part of the Enel group, world leader and pioneer in the smart meter technology, continue the grid digitalization process by installing another 160,700 smart meters this year, for an investment worth over 57 million lei. By the end of the year, E-Distribuţie Banat, E-Distribuţie Dobrogea and E-Distribuţie Muntenia will reach a total number of over 1,090,000 smart meters installed, after total investments of almost 300 million lei between 2015 and 2021.

“Without digitalized and resilient distribution grids, which benefit from the latest technologies, it is difficult to achieve the decarbonisation and electrification targets, two essential elements for the transition to a sustainable economy and a protected environment. To this purpose, we are accelerating the digitalization processes with the help of smart meters and we are increasing the investments in modernizing the Romanian grids, to the benefit of E-Distributie customers and to improve our services. This way, more people will benefit from the advantages of smart meters, allowing remote meter readings, giving customers greater insight into their real energy consumption profile, and promoting their active participation in the evolving energy market“, said Monica Hodor, general manager of E-Distribuție Banat, E-Distribuție Dobrogea and E-Distribuție Muntenia.

Altogether, the E-Distributie companies have the largest number of smart meters installed so far in Romania, almost 930,000. With their help, end users can have access to their consumption data, having a better control over their electricity consumption and, consequently, the possibility to save electricity. In addition, smart meters provide information that reduces the time of interventions, as some manoeuvres can be done remotely.

Prosumers, consumers who produce electricity from renewable sources, can measure separately the energy produced. Whether we are talking about wind turbines or solar panels, the smart meter will measure separately the energy that a consumer delivers into the grid and the energy he absorbs from the grid. The consumer will know exactly when he consumes energy from the grid and when he consumes the renewable energy he produces.

The smart meter rollout program is carried out according to the plan approved by the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE). Within the program, between 2015 and 2020, almost 930,000 E-Distributie customers changed the classic meters with smart ones while 45 localities in Ilfov, Giurgiu, Constanța, Tulcea, Călărași, Timiș, Arad and Caraș-Severin counties reached a smart meter rollout of over 90%.

For this year, E-Distribuţie Muntenia has planned the rollout of about 72,700 smart meters in Bucharest and Giurgiu and Ilfov counties. E-Distribuţie Dobrogea will install almost 40,000 smart meters in Călărași, Constanța, Ialomița and Tulcea counties, while E-Distribuţie Banat will install smart meters to about 48,200 customers in Arad, Caraș-Severin, Hunedoara and Timiș counties.


In the Muntenia region, the plan for this year provides for the installation of smart meters in the following localities:


Ilfov County: Afumati, Bacu, Balotesti, Balteni, Bragadiru, Branesti, Buda, Chiajna, Copaceni, Cozieni, Cretesti, Crevedia, Darasti-Ilfov, Dascalu, Dobroesti, Dragomiresti-Deal, Dragomiresti-Vale, Dudu, Dumbraveni, Fundeni, Ganeasa, Ghermanesti, Jilava, Lipia, Luparia, Manolache, Merii Petchii, Micsunestii Mari, Moara Vlasiei, Mogosoaia, Ordoreanu, Ostratu, Pantelimon, Peris, Petresti, Piscu, Piteasca, Popesti-Leordeni, Rosu, Saftica, Santu-Floresti, Silistea Snagovului, Sintesti, Stefanestii de Jos, Stefanestii de Sus, Tamasi, Tancabesti, Teghes, Varteju, Voluntari, Zurbaua


Giurgiu County: Balanoaia, Banesti, Branistea, Bucsani, Budeni, Calugareni, Carpenisu, Cartojani, Cascioarele (Gaiseni), Chiriacu, Cranguri, Floresti, Fratesti, Gaiseni, Gaujani, Ghionea, Ghizdaru, Gogosari, Gostinari, Gostinu, Herasti, Hobaia, Hotarele, Izvoarele, Izvoru (Gogosari), Malu, Milcovatu, Mironesti, Mosteni-Ulmi, Naipu, Oncesti, Poiana Lui Stanga, Putineiu, Remus, Sabareni, Singureni, Stanesti, Toporu, Trestieni, Valea Dragului, Valea Plopilor, Vedea, Vieru, Vlasin


Bucharest: areas in District 1, District 2, District 3, District 4, District 5, District 6


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