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September 29, 2022

PM Citu: I urge all the personnel of the Interior Ministry to remain the guardians of public health

Prime Minister Florin Citu urged on Tuesday  Interior Ministry personnel to firmly enforce the law and flat-out tell coronavirus rule-breakers that they are putting others’ lives and even their own family at risk.

“Last year has been difficult, and unfortunately this year does not bode well either, so I encourage you to arm yourselves with enough energy and determination for us to overcome the pandemic challenge together. In the meantime, you have your current crime-fighting mission to fulfill and I tell you that we must not neglect this fight in any way. Even if we must battle the pandemic, crime fighting remains your day-to-day activity. I know that many times, what remains imprinted in the public memory of an institution’s activity are those episodes when things didn’t go as they should, and less so the successful missions, and this is because when things go well, it is considered that that’s the way it should be, because we did our job well,” Citu said at the presentation of the 2020 stocktaking report of the Ministry of the Interior.

“I would like to congratulate today those who are doing their job very well, with responsibility and dedication. At the same time, I am asking the Ministry of the Interior, just as I asked the other institutions and authorities, to move to reform. I am not doing this because it sounds good, but because it is our duty at this time to meet the expectations of every man in this country who contributes through his work to the functioning of the state. In exchange, every citizen must get quality public service, and we must make sure that this happens. I am confident that Minister Lucian Bode has the right approach and will find the best way to bring out the deserving, those dedicated to their mission, and will screen out those who do not do honor to this uniform,” Florin Citu said.

“What we need in the next period is the maximum engagement of all those with responsibilities in enforcing the law and in verifying compliance with the health protection measures. We have rules in place that, if everyone were to respect them, would make further restrictions unnecessary. And this is where you come in, making sure that the rules we have are followed. Make your presence much more felt. The law is one for everyone and every person who follows the rules saves another person’s life. I require you to show firmness and common sense, because these two attitudes together make the enforcement of the law effective. (…) Applying the law with firmness and with respect for the rights of the citizens during the health crisis means protecting the health of the citizens. I urge all the personnel of the Interior Ministry to remain the guardians of public health, to verify compliance with protection measures, to enforce the law strictly and defend the citizens’ fundamental freedoms and rights,” the Prime Minister said, according to Agerpres.

Photo: www.gov.ro

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