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May 20, 2022

PM Florin Citu announces measures will be taken after subway strike: I won’t allow to be blackmailed

On Sunday, Prime Minister Florin Citu announced several measures will be taken after the subway protest, underscoring that he will not allow “the government to be taken advantage of by a group of people organized in a mafia style.”

“No one is above the law! And to make sure, these are the measures I will impose, as a result of the illegal action on the subway, led by the former PSD (Social Democratic Party) Deputy, Ion Radoi: the recovery of the damage at the level of the company and the imputation of the amount established as prejudice to those who are found guilty; the establishment of Metrorex as a civil party in possible damages recovery processes; Metrorex will clearly establish who participated in the illegal action and will reduce their salary by one day; the state institutions must help the citizens and companies to recover the losses caused by the illegal action; criminal complaints have already been filed,” the Prime Minister in a message posted on Facebook.

He said any negotiations would be made “in strict observance of the law.”

“During my term, I will not allow the government to be taken advantage of by a group of people organized in a mafia style. Thus, any negotiation will be done in strict observance of the law. REFORM of state-owned companies continues!,” the PM said.

The traffic of the subway trains was blocked, on Friday, by a spontaneous protest of some representatives of the USLM trade union in the Unirii Square station, with the participants going down into the tunnel, on the tracks, blocking the trains, which couldn’t have a timely start, according to the normal schedule.

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