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October 2, 2022

Chamber rejects simple motion initiated by PSD against agriculture minister

The plenum of the Chamber of Deputies rejected, on Wednesday, the simple motion initiated by Social Democratic Party (PSD) against the Minister of Agriculture, Adrian Oros.

There were 115 votes “for” and 166 votes “against” the motion.

The motion, entitled “Romania’s agriculture is being attacked by the most dangerous pest – Minister Adrian Nechita Oros”, was debated on Monday in the Chamber of Deputies.

In favor of adopting the simple motion, the Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR) representatives voted alongisde with the PSD deputies.

PSD argued in the motion that it is mandatory for Minister Oros to step down urgently, accusing him that, after 17 months in office, he has learned nothing and agriculture is going through the darkest period due to his “incompetence and amateurism”.


AgriMin Oros: Romania loses 1 million Euro per year in agriculture, because PSD governing


Romania loses 1 million Euro per year because of the sickening way in which agriculture was shephered by the PSD (Social Democratic Party) governing, on Monday said the minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Adrian Oros, in the plenary sitting of the Chamber of Deputies, during the simple motion titled “Romania’s agriculture is attacked by the most dangerous pest – minister Adrian Nechita Oros”.

“People, farmers, have long understood that PSD lies, feuds, misinforms and manipulates. You have been riding Romania’s agriculture for 22 years, destroying nearly everything. Now, just as wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing, you are talking about the problems of agriculture accumulated 30 years ago, agriculture which PSD has crippled, and waiting for myself, for us, to make miracles in a year and a half, during a sanitary crisis, hit by unfavorable weather phenomena. The “agrarian” policies promoted during PSD’s time have lead to the following notable results, two of which are: During years of economic growth and favorable weather you reached the counter-performance, that, starting with 2015, this country to enter a deficit of commercial balance, and in 2019 you brought it to 1.3 billion Euro. Furthermore, in 2019, the European Commission requested Romania to reevaluate the reports, because you have given falsified data in a gross way, which disrupted the stock market price and implicitly dropped the Romanian farmers’ income, as well as Romania’s credibility in front of its European partners. Because of the toxic way in which the agriculture was shepherd, Romania loses per year, 1 billion Euro. This is the PSD’s failure in agriculture,” Oros said.

According to the data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR), sent upon the request of AGERPRES, Romania ended 2020 with a deficit of nearly 2 billion Euro in the commerce of agri-food products, whereas imports have grown to up to 8.9 billion Euro, and exports have gone down to 6.9 billion Euro.

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