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September 26, 2022

100th anniversary of the Cantacuzino Institute. President Iohannis: A landmark of Romanian medical research

President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday decorated the “Cantacuzino” Institute with the “Sanitary Merit” Order in rank of Grand Knight, on the occasion of the celebration of the Institute’s 100th anniversary.

“We honour today the activity of the National Medical-Military Research-Development Institute “Cantacuzino,” which, 100 years after its establishment, remains a landmark of the Romanian medical research (…) The rename of the “Cantacuzino” Institute, your professionalism, of those who carry out the activity here, give you responsibility and an essential role in strengthening the citizens’ trust in vaccination. As a token of gratitude of the value of your collective of great specialists of the Romanian medicine and of the contribution of the “Cantacuzino” Institute to the development of the medical scientific research, today, on the occasion of the 100th celebration of its establishment, I have decorated this prestigious institution with the “Sanitary Merit” Order in rank of Grand Knight,” said Iohannis, at the ceremony organised on the occasion of the anniversary of the Institute.

The head of state evoked the personality of the founder of the institute, professor Ion Cantacuzino, the father of the Romanian school of immunology and experimental pathology, and pointed out that the institute has become a landmark for entire generations and has become, thus, a symbol of the potential of innovation of our country.

“Through the quality of the results obtained, the National Institute for Medical-Military Research-Development ‘Cantacuzino’ has entered the world circuit of large research centers, a performance for which I congratulate you,” said Iohannis.

He said that in the complicated global context generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of the Cantacuzino Institute is fundamental.

“I am impressed by the extraordinary efforts, the dedication that both the management team and the staff here are showing in these difficult months of the pandemic and in supporting the vaccination campaign. Today we can look forward to normalcy due to the extraordinary efforts of medical research. We must show our gratitude to those who dedicate their lives to this field and put all their experience and knowledge in the development of vaccines and treatments to save people’s lives,” Iohannis said.

During the ceremony, the head of state unveiled a jubilee plaque and received a jubilee plaque from the institute.

The event was also attended by Prime Minister Florin Citu and the Minister of Defense, Nicolae Ciuca.

The “Cantacuzino” Institute was established on April 1, 1921, by the High Decree issued by King Ferdinand I, under the name of the “Dr. I. Cantacuzino” Institute of Serums and Vaccines.


President Iohannis urges  Romanians to get vaccinated as significant number of doses expected


President Klaus Iohannis said on Thursday that Romania will receive a significant number of COVID-19 vaccine doses moving forward, adding that consequently the vaccination campaign could speed up.

“Here is the solution that will allow us to stop the pandemic and regain the normal life that we have missed so much. It’s called a vaccine! The virus that has dramatically affected our existence in the last year does not disappear through violence and extremist manifestations, but by immunising as many people with effective vaccines as possible. Moving forward, we will receive a significant number of doses and so the vaccination campaign can speed up,” Iohannis told a ceremony marking the 100th anniversary of the Cantacuzino Institute of military medicine research and development.

He urged Romanians to go in large numbers to vaccination centres.

“Many of us have lost a loved one, others have suffered deeply from infection with the virus. The social and economic costs have been and continue to be huge. However, we can end this pandemic, and I am urging Romanians to trust the benefits of immunisation and go to the vaccination centres in as large a number as possible,” Iohannis said.


Ciuca: Funds for relaunch of “Cantacuzino” Institute – from 2 percent of GDP allocated annually to Defence


The Minister of National Defence, Nicolae Ciuca, declared on Thursday that the funds for the relaunch of the “Cantacuzino” Institute are based on the two percent of the GDP allocated annually to Defence.

“Of the two percent allocated annually to Defence according to the national political agreement (…) we found funds to relaunch the Institute’s activity, we found funds for research and, in the current context, for the involvement of specialists here in the fight against the pandemic that affected so much our lives,” the minister said at the event celebrating the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the medical-military institution.

“The high distinction you have bestowed on us honors us, but it also motivates us to continue and complete what we started, to turn ‘Cantacuzino’ into a success story for Romanians. We will give them all the financial support and decisively to resume, in the next period, the production of tetanus and influenza vaccine, but also of the long-awaited Polidin,” said Nicolae Ciuca.


Citu: Gov’t must not hinder “Cantacuzino” specialists with political decisions


Prime Minister Florin Citu says that the most important support that the Government can give to the specialists from the “Cantacuzino” Institute is not to hinder them with political decisions and “to let them do their job”.

“Beyond providing the necessary resources, I believe that the most important support that the Government can give to the specialists from ‘Cantacuzino’ is to let them do their job. Not to hinder them with political decisions, not to forget the lesson of the past,” Citu said on Thursday at the event celebrating 100 years since the establishment of the medical-military institute.

He pointed out that “underfunding, frequent managerial changes and political interference” have pushed this leading research institution “on the verge of collapse”. “It is a lesson we must not forget,” Citu added.

The Prime Minister also said that the “Cantacuzino” Institute will remain at the forefront of combating the pandemic, both in terms of what it currently does, but also in terms of its capacity and expertise in the European Mechanism of increasing the COVID-19 vaccine production capacity.


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