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February 3, 2023

Romanian Gendarmerie issues 891 fines in excess of 366. 000 lei in the first three days of national protests against COVID-19 restrictions

The Romanian Gendarmerie handed over 891 fines in excess of 366,000 lei were applied in the first three days of national protests against restrictions imposed to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Romanian Gendarmerie.

“After identifying the persons participating in the protests on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in violation of the law, 891 fines were issued nationwide amounting to 366,550 lei,” the Gendarmerie reported in a press statement released on Thursday.

Also, notification documents were drawn up for two persons who owned dangerous objects in relation to the crime of carrying or using illegal dangerous objects in Iasi, and for two other persons, one from Targoviste and one from Arad for the use of illegal fireworks.

According to statement, during the unfolding of all these manifestations, dialogue teams of the Gendarmerie informed the participants about the legal provisions in force, as well as the consequences of their being breached.


JusMin: When the right to protest denies others’ rights to health, we need to react


Minister of Justice Stelian Ion on Wednesday said that the right to protest is “an absolutely legitimate” one, but when it clashes with the others’ right to health, the state needs to react very firmly.

The Minister of Justice told the Prima Tv private television broadcaster, when asked his opinion about the protests these days, that there is “a pretty significant” difference compared to the ones several years ago.

“The protests seem different from the ones that took place several years ago when they were of a different type, but still protests. The truth is that there is a pretty large difference between the two categories of protests. Now it’s about people’s health and we need to put into balance people’s health, on the one hand, and the right to protest, which is also a very important right, a fundamental right. And then we need to see where is the limit, that very fine line, between one’s right to say its opinion, to shout out his/her dissatisfaction – which is absolutely legitimate, and its very natural for this right to exist – and on the other hand, when this right clashes with the others’ right to health, then we have a problem and I think that the state needs to have a very firm reaction in such cases,” said the Minister of Justice.


Hundreds of anti-restriction protesters gathered in front of Gov’t seat on Wednesday evening


Hundreds of people, with flags and placards, arrived in Victoriei Square on Wednesday evening to protest against the restrictions imposed by the authorities in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the fourth evening in a row, people gathered in the University Square, after which they marched on the route University – Calea Mosilor – Stefan cel Mare Boulevard – Victoriei Square, where they met with a smaller group of protesters, in front Government’s seat.

“Don’t sit in the balconies, you will starve!”, “Freedom!”, “Resignation”, people shouted in the street, one of the main demands being the resignation of the Executive.

Most demonstrators did not wear a face mask and did not observe physical distancing.


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