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September 29, 2022

Vaccination update: Fifteen new COVID-19 immunisation sites to open on April 5 in Romania

Defence Minister Nicolae Ciuca said on Thursday that on April 5, 15 new COVID-19 vaccination sites will open in Romania.

“On April 5, 15 new vaccination sites will open, inside which one office will be devoted to the military and three to civilians,” Ciuca told TVR 1 national broadcaster.

Asked if he felt a conflict between the Health Ministry and the Defence Ministry, namely between Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu and top COVID-19 vaccination official Valeriu Gheorghita, amidst a public campaign against the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, Ciuca answered: “No, not by far.”

“In all this set of activities we did not follow the part of personal conflict. Nor do I think there has been some personal conflict. I think they are both young enough and intelligent enough to be able to have a professional dialogue,” added Ciuca.

He said that “probably in the beginning the world saw the involvement of the Army as a matter that would require a certain conduct, which is not true at all.”

“The conduct we have taken in this whole set of measures has been this part of rigor and seriousness, and what’s more the Ministry of National Defence has the necessary tools for medical logistics so that we can act wherever necessary,” said Ciuca.


Doctor Gheorghita: We’ve noticed drop in interest for AstraZeneca; all vaccines are safe


The President of the National Coordinating Committee for Vaccination Activities against COVID-19 (CNCAV), Valeriu Gheorghita, on Friday stated in Giurgiu that he noticed a decrease in the addressability of the population for the AstraZeneca vaccine and underscored that all vaccines used in Romania are authorized by the European Medicines Agency and have proven to be safe.

He and the vice-president of the CNCAV, state secretary with the Ministry of Health Andrei Baciu, on Friday morning went to Hotarele, Giurgiu county, where they talked with the citizens scheduled for this day for vaccination and with the medical staff. The visit continued at two other active centres in Giurgiu.

CNCAV representatives reiterated that vaccination is the way to overcome the pandemic.


432,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine will arrive on Friday


A number of 432,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine will arrive on Friday at the “Cantacuzino” National Medical-Military Institute for Research-Development.

According to a press release of the National Committee for the coordination of the activities regarding the anti-COVID vaccination, the transport is provided by the manufacturing company, and the vaccine doses will be brought to Bucharest by land.

The doses will be stored at the National Storage Centre, and in the next period they will be distributed to the existing regional centres at the national level.

So far, according to the CNCAV, 888,400 doses produced by the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca have been received in Romania, and 359,680 people have been immunized with this type of vaccine since February 15.

The quantity delivered to Romania is the largest so far, and the allocation of future vaccine doses will be made according to the schedule provided by the manufacturing company, CNCAV mentioned.


HealthMin Voiculescu: Vaccine incentives out of question for the moment


Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu said today that the grant of vaccine incentives to reward people who get the Covid jab is currently out of question.

“Vaccination is voluntary. The grant of incentives is out of question at this moment. Anyone who wants to get vaccinated is welcome and the vaccine supply will be enough for everybody in the next period. We will receive over 7 million doses in the coming two months alone. (…) A day off could be less than a benefit, it could be a facilitation for vaccination. We are making things easier for people to get the jab. We won’t give anyone a prize for getting immunised. Who doesn’t want to get the shot, let them have it their way,” said Voiculescu after the ceremony for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the “Cantacuzino” Institute.

The Health Minister specified that talks are afoot at international level about the possibility for Covid vaccinated and tested people to participate in certain activities.

“Certainly, at some point there could be a discussion about vaccination, testing, and other ways to safely participate in certain activities, whether we’re talking about restaurants or various events. But there is no discussion underway now in Romania in this regard,” Voiculescu said.

Referring to the protests in the past days Voiculescu said: “The intensive care wards are full. People are being consulted in the ambulance because there is no room in the hospital. The situation is critical. As a principle, there’s nothing wrong with protests, but not without a mask, not by endangering others; we all agree with the slogan ‘Out with the pandemic!’, but the only way to get there, to quell the pandemic is by vaccination and protection, including the protesters, their relatives and friends. This is about the health of each of them. (…) I don’t understand exactly what their grievances are, I can understand that a certain measure or another gives rise to concerns and dissatisfaction but no measure is taken for any other reason than that of protecting the population, protecting everyone of us,” he added.


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