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September 28, 2022

PM Citu: Measures taken work, deliver results. June 1 – the first step toward resuming normalcy

Prime Minister Florin Citu on Monday told a press conference that the measures taken a week ago to combat the COVID-19 pandemic are working and delivering results.

“In terms of the epidemiological situation, things have stabilised. We took some steps a week ago (…) and you saw that Easter could be celebrated during such time. (…) We took these measures after talking to several decision-makers and we can see that we are already getting results. I’m looking at the daily evolution of cases, we have a plateau that’s been going on for almost a week. (…) The measures we have taken are delivering results, they are working,” the prime minister said at the Victoria Palace.


June 1 – the first step toward resuming normalcy


Prime Minister Florin Citu is suggesting setting up an inter-ministerial committee to ensure Romania’s return to normalcy from June 1.

“Today I will announce the establishment of an inter-ministerial committee, under the coordination of the prime minister, to make sure Romania’s return to normalcy on June1. In fact, this is the first milestone, the first step, the first milestone we set for a return to normalcy,” Citu told a news conference on Monday at the Government House.

He said that this inter-ministerial committee will include all ministries, and inviting trade unions and employers associations is being considered.

“This inter-ministerial committee will include all ministries. I am thinking, of course, to include as guests, not as members, employers’ associations as well, we will have talks with them. We have time to prepare for the reopening and we have made it clear that when you schedule things, when you have prior talks, the results are good. We’ve seen that with Easter, so far, that it is possible. You have seen that even at weekends we no longer have crowds on the ski slopes or in clubs, things get solved when you schedule them. You should trust that we will get through this time. This is the same message that President Klaus Iohannis is sending, I am sending it as prime minister, it is being sent by the entire Government: vaccination is the only solution,” Citu said.


He underscored that the decisions so far on the COVID-19 pandemic have followed consultations and that that will also happen in the case of the inter-ministerial committee.


“It’s very simple – each ministry will have to have, in turn, discussions on that sector, to see what the needs are in that sector, to discuss with associations in that sector; then these solutions will be brought before the inter-ministerial committee, where we will discuss them. We can have a solution from the HORECA sector: let’s say the Ministry of Economy has a discussion with the HORECA sector and it comes up with certain measures; also included in the inter-ministerial committee will be the Interior Ministry, the Health Ministry; we will possibly have employers and associations and each one will come with additions,” added Citu.

He mentioned that the government is considering talks with representatives of all economic branches in order to find solutions to move forward after June 1.

“I agree to talk to everyone, to see how we move forward after June 1, so we have two months to prepare. I am sure we will find the solution for all business operators,” said the prime minister.


5 million people to be vaccinated by end-may, in the most pessimistic scenario


Prime Minister Florin Citu, also declared on Monday that Romania will have the necessary vaccine doses so that, by the end of May, in the most pessimistic scenario, 5 million people will be vaccinated against COVID, and launched a call to the politicians and the representatives of the church to get involved in accelerating the vaccination campaign.

“These are two very important months for us, April and May, because in these two months we will have almost 8 – 8.3 million vaccine doses that will arrive in Romania and they are very important, because it would mean that by the end of May, in the most pessimistic scenario, to have almost 5 million people vaccinated and in an optimistic scenario – 6.3 million people vaccinated. 5 million vaccinated people is an important number for us, because it represents nearly 35% of the adult population that needs to be vaccinated, and I believe, it is very important to talk about the recovery of the economy at the end of May,” Florin Citu said, during a press conference at Victoria Palace.

The Head of the Executive added that it is very important for local and central politicians to get involved in presenting the vaccination campaign.

According to him, Romania will have the necessary doses for “vaccinating 10 million people at the end of July”.

“We are going faster than scheduled, but it is very important for people to vaccinate. So, if we go and get vaccinated, and that is why we must first schedule an appointment on the vaccination platform, we will be able to talk about 10 million people vaccinated. We have the doses, they are already scheduled, and we will be able to speak of 10 million people vaccinated at the end of July, which clearly shows, are 70% of adult people and then we will be able to talk about reopening the economy, almost in full,” Citu said.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister mentioned that he had a meeting on Monday with the representatives of the National Coordinating Committee for COVID-19 Vaccination Activities (CNCAV) and that they agreed that by the middle of June to reach 100,000 people vaccinated per day.


Construction of new hospitals, only solution to get rid of nosocomial infections


PM Citu also said on Monday that the “only solution” to get rid of nosocomial infections in hospitals is the construction of new health units, stating that 2.5 billion euro are allocated on such projects in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and there will be funding from the state budget as well.

“Building new hospitals will rely on a budgetary effort, as well, we also have the three regional hospitals. It is the only solution to get rid of these nosocomial infections,” Citu said in a press conference at Victoria Palace of Government.

He was asked if there is a project to solve the situation of nosocomial infections in hospitals, after eight people hospitalized at the Department of Major Burns of the Hospital in Timisoara died this year due to these infections.


No green certificate for Romanian domestic holidaymakers


Citu also declared on Monday that the green travel certificate will not be implemented in Romania, and Romanians will be able to go on vacation without this document.

“That is why we have this inter-ministerial committee in place, to make sure that the rules are observed, but without a green certificate,” Citu told a news conference at the Victoria Palace of Government.

The Premier also voiced his hope that as many as possible restriction-easing measures can be taken starting with June 1.


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