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August 10, 2022

Point of view: How we bring new customers into the business with the help of Instagram

Author: Gabriela Streza, Business Development Director, Valoria


Instagram is a great way to expand the visibility and notoriety of your business. But can we bring in new customers with Instagram? Here are five reasons why you should create a business account on this social media platform right now to take advantage of the opportunities there.

Since its inception, Instagram has proven to be a powerful marketing tool for companies that want to expand their presence and visibility of their products and services. Beyond the possibilities of advertising and sponsorship, starting to use Instagram is free, and companies can reach a significant number of people without spending from the marketing budget. If you still need the persuasion to use Instagram to attract new customers, these reasons why Instagram is constantly growing in importance will help you take action.

  1. All sizes of business can benefit

With over 5 million users in Romania, Instagram is becoming an increasingly important social media platform for companies. This is true for large, well-known companies, as well as for companies, online stores and smaller entrepreneurs. There are three main ways to post content on Instagram: timeline posts, Instagram Stories and IGTV. If an online store will most likely create original content that includes product photos and lifestyle content, a freelancer coach will make posts with quotes or videos on IGTV with all sorts of tips. Of course, even for the most well-known companies, success does not come overnight. Using Instagram, companies can increase brand awareness and reach their target audience, maintaining an active presence and maintaining a routine of at least one post a day.


  1. Stories make the family business

Instagram provides a great way for companies to show potential customers that they have a great team. This can be done through many of the app’s features, but the ones that really make a great impression are the live stories. The best way to use live stories is to show behind-the-scenes information about the company and the people on its team. Live Instagram posts are also a great way to build connections, trust and credibility with followers. In this way, potential customers and buyers see, know better and become more confident in a company’s products, services and brand.

  1. Collaboration with influencers

When it comes to social media, companies have regular users, but among them you can also find influencers. These are online celebrities who often promote a brand or product. A famous influencer with business practices based on moral values ​​and principles can increase the company’s sales, providing increased return on investment and access to demographic categories that the company does not normally reach. A well-known influencer, with millions of followers, can advertise the company or product with only a few posts generating interest, notoriety, but also sales if clear conversion mechanisms are included, easy to operate and distribute to other interested parties. On the other hand, the partnership with micro-influencers has the potential to also provide access and connection with a wide range of followers. It is best for brands to identify micro-influencers in the city, the area where they want to do marketing activation, and there is often a good chance that they will promote the brand without having high financial demands.


  1. Familiarity and connection with customers

It is a well-known fact that people like to make their opinions known. As on other social media platforms, on Instagram users can appreciate, comment and share their favorite posts. The more creative a company produces original content, the more appreciations and comments it will receive, which helps it become more visible. You can get more appreciation by taking high quality photos, using hashtags, posting more categories of content.

As a higher level stage, loyalty is created, first and foremost, over time. Loyalty is achieved by creating interesting and useful content for the public, but especially through sincerity. The more honest a company communicates, the greater the loyalty of its followers. They see that the brand responds promptly, openly and honestly to comments, questions and thus become more confident and loyal.

In 2021, Instagram will introduce keyword search, in addition to hashtags, which will completely change the way searches are conducted and the interaction with the displayed results.

In conclusion

In order to adapt to the continuous change in marketing and the landscape of social media platforms, businesses must use tools to find out the real needs of customers and their expectations regarding their presence in the online environment. It is important that they analyze and test various platforms to identify the right channel mix to achieve their marketing objectives. Also, in 2021, brands must register on Instagram and Facebook shopping to link to products they have for sale through posts. In this way, very directly, companies can benefit from Instagram’s contribution to finding new customers.




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