New members in the Top Management team of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank

Simone Ieri is appointed Chief Financial Officer and Deputy General Manager

Dan Grigoriu is appointed Head of the Retail Division and Deputy General Manager

Bogdan Patrănoiu is appointed Head of the Corporate and SME Division and Deputy General Manager

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, the Romanian subsidiary of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, has three new members in the Top Management team.

Simone Ieri (photo) joining the management team of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank as Deputy General Manager and Chief Financial Officer (CFO), comes with the necessary expertise in accounting and planning&controlling, based on solid technical knowledge and experience of executive positions held by him in several banks, both on the Italian and international markets. With a Bachelor Degree in Accounting and IT Programming from the G. Galilei Technical and Commercial Institute in Italy and a Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences, Cooperation and International Development at the University of Pavia, Simone Ieri has 34 years of experience in the banking industry. For the past 4 years, he has held the position of Chief Financial Officer of the Chinese subsidiary of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group.

Dan Grigoriu is the new Deputy General Manager and Head of RetaiI Division, being in charge of the business segment that includes Small Business and Individuals, but also the activities covered by Multichannel & CRM, Network Management and Customer Satisfaction. With a Bachelor Degree in Engineering  and a MBA in Business Administration and International Banking, from City University, Seattle, USA, Dan Grigoriu is an experienced banker, holding in the almost 30 years of activity, various executive positions in other banks, members of international groups, where he worked mainly in the Retail area, coordinating both product development and sales activities, as well as activities for organizing the credit activity.

Bogdan Patrănoiu has been appointed Deputy General Manager and Head of the Corporate and SME Division, and will coordinate the activity of the departments Domestic Corporate & Institutional Clients, Multinational Clients, IMM and Porducts&Structured Finance. He is part of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank team from 2018, during this time being responsible for the Domestic Corporate & Institutional Clients department, within which he built a strong team, able to position the bank as an important participant in reference transactions, as well as in partnerships with various public and private companies. With a very good understanding and knowledge of the banking industry, Bogdan Patrănoiu has almost 25 years of experience in equity investment, underwriting and risk management, as well as international transactions and business development, previously holding management positions in several institutions and international financial groups. In terms of academic experience, Bogdan has a Bachelor Degree in Commerce from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, and an MBA in Business Administration in Finance from the University of Sheffield.

“Having the three new members part of the Top Management team, experts in their areas of activity, allows me to be confident that we will be able to successfully implement the medium and long-term objectives of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group on the local market.” said Dan Sandu, CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank

Thus, at this moment the Top Management team of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank consists of:

DAN SANDU – General Manager/ Chief Executive Officer

ANDREA DE MICHELIS – First Deputy General Manager

ALBERTO DE STAVOLA – Deputy General Manager / Chief Credit Officer

DAN GRIGORIU – Deputy General Manager /Head of Retail Division

SIMONE IERI – Deputy General Manager / Chief Financial Officer

BOGDAN PĂTRĂNOIU – Deputy General Manager / Head of Corporate and SMEs Division.

The three new members Simone Ieri, Dan Grigoriu, and Bogdan Patrănoiu, will take over their official duties only after being authorized by the National Bank of Romania (NBR).

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank currently has a market share of approximately 1.21%, being the 15th bank in Romania by volume of assets. With a portfolio that incorporates 63,000 customers Intesa Sanpaolo Bank focuses on consolidating the market strategy, so as to address with a competitive offer of financial products and services to all types of customers – Retail, Corporate and SME, a press release issued by the financial institution informs.

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