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August 10, 2022

PM Citu: Increase of the vaccination capacity in April and May, clear and safe prerequisites to defeat the SARS-CoV-2 virus

The stabilization of the epidemiological situation and the increase of the vaccination capacity in April and May are “clear and safe prerequisites” to defeat the SARS-CoV-2 virus, says Prime Minister Florin Citu, on Thursday, recalling that he announced “Romania’s return to normalcy” as of June 1.

The head of the Government sent a message on the Facebook page of the Executive, after the meeting with the representatives of the Council of Foreign Investors.

“Whether we are talking about investors with Romanian or foreign capital, the private sector is a reliable partner in this joint effort to overcome the pandemic, by immunizing the population and complying with health protection measures. Stabilizing the epidemiological situation and increasing vaccination capacity in April and May are clear and certain prerequisites for gradually defeating this virus,” the Prime Minister wrote on the social platform.

He added that representatives of HORECA, foreign investors who have business projects in Romania “have come up with proposals and want to participate in the consultations that will take place in the Interministerial Committee whose task is to prepare Romania’s return to normalcy starting with 1 June 2021.”

“It is a milestone that we look forward to with confidence and prepare with great responsibility. It is vital to protect people’s health, it is essential to maintain a healthy economy,” Citu underscored.

In this context, the PM said that the fiscal regime will be maintained and “categorically” there will be no increases in taxes or duties. “These “These are objectives assumed by the Government and expected by the business environment,” Citu added.


Gheorghita: Citizens to have at their disposal informative material with possible symptoms that may occur after vaccination


On the other hand, the National Committee for the Coordination of Activities on Vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 (CNCAV) will make available to the public an informative material with possible symptoms that may occur after vaccination with anti-COVID serum, so that people who have been vaccinated or are about to be vaccinated can address a medical consultation, if the case may be, said the CNCAV president doctor Valeriu Gheorghita.

“An extremely important thing is related to communication and information. And here I think that every person must understand what are the possible alarm signals that we need to know as well as possible in order to address medical services for diagnosis and treatment. That is why we will develop, together with colleagues from the National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices in Romania, an informative material for all people who want to be vaccinated or who have been vaccinated, which should present succinctly and easy to understand all the potential signs and alarm symptoms for which we must request a medical consultation,” Valeriu Gheorghita told a Thursday’s a press conference at Victoria Palace.

He said the material would be available on the vaccination platform, but also at COVID immunization centres.

Gheorghita mentioned the symptoms that can appear after vaccination: “We are talking about breathing difficulties, chest pain, swelling of the lower limbs, persistent abdominal pain.”

“Certain neurological symptoms – intense headache that is not eased by usual treatments and that can be associated with visual disturbances or the appearance of small bloodstains or bleeding outside the place of administration,” added Gheorghita.

Gheorghita appealed to health professionals, but also to vaccination beneficiaries, to properly report and monitor “all recorded adverse events”.


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