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September 26, 2022

PM Citu speaks about resignations after Foisor Hospital scandal: Let’s see if there is still honour in Romania

At a news conference on Sunday, Prime Minister Florin Citu spoke about resignations after the scandal of moving patients from the Foisor Hospital, adding that “let’s see if there is still honour in Romania.”

After attending a meeting of the National Intervention Management and Coordination Centre (CNCCI) on Sunday, the prime minister was asked by journalists who should take a step back after the scandal at the Foisor Hospital.

The prime minister did not indicate who should resign, saying only: “Let’s see if there is still honour in Romania.”

Asked who he was referring to, the prime minister replied: “I also said it at the CNCCI meeting and I tell you, because it is not normal after a decision is made for the prime minister to step in to talk to the mayor of Bucharest, to talk to the manager of the Public Health Directorate to apply a decision “.


HealthMin Voiculescu: Talks of including Foisor Hospital in COVID-19 circuit are one year old


Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu told a news conference on Sunday that discussions on the inclusion of the Foisor Hospital of Bucharest in the COVID-19 circuit are one year old.

“Talks of including the Foisor Hospital in the COVID-19 circuit are not from Friday but are no more and no less than one year old. The Health Ministry gave its approval for the hospital to become a COVID-19 hospital because the lives of some people depended on those places and still do. The transfer of patients and the agreement of the manager were delayed for an impermissibly long time; the formalities drawn up by the hospital management and ASSMB [Hospitals and Medical Services Administration Bucharest] came last and we must say that they came late,” said Voiculescu.

According to him, when it was decided to transform the Foisor Hospital into a COVID-19 hospital, at several emergency units in the country, there had been patients there for days.

“At the time this decision was made, more than half of the beds at Foisor were vacant. More than half of the intensive care beds and almost half of all the other beds. There are currently four intubated patients at the Bedside Hospital, 14 on oxygen, 6 with various wards and a patient about a patient we know is unstable. That is the situation from a few hours ago,” said Voiculescu.

He said that the Foisor Hospital does not operate under the authority of the Ministry of Health but of the Bucharest City Hall and ASSMB, and the Ministry of Health “cannot decide instead of a hospital manager subordinated to a city hall or a county council;” even if it is a crisis situation, things can be blocked “either out of interest, or out of media, political interest, or out of a misunderstanding of the crisis situation in which the health system finds itself.”

“I do not want to make thought trials, just to say that it is unfortunate that this has happened and it is very obvious that from one point at least an attempt was made to use an emergency situation to gain political capital,” he pointed out.

Voiculescu said that he had talked with all the patients discharged from the Foisor Hospital and was also informed about the health condition of all the patients who were transferred.

“Together with colleagues from the Ministry of Health, I personally called each of those discharged; I called many of them personally yesterday and today. Without exception, the people I spoke to expressed their solidarity with those who now are fighting for their lives. Without exception, people have been impressed by the fact that right now at the Foisor Hospital patients in acute need of intensive care are being helped to fight for their lives,” he said.

He added that the Ministry of Health has already found solutions for urgent cases, for operations and treatment at the Agripa Ionescu Hospital.

“The Ministry of Health has already found solutions for urgent cases, for operations and treatment at the Agrippa Ionescu Hospital. The management of the Agrippa Ionescu Hospital and the doctors there also offered to receive current doctors from Foisor in order to operate on patients where necessary, to see them, to offer them the examinations they need and this immediately. From tomorrow, patients who need surgery or can be received for treatment or check-ups can already go to the Agrippa Ionescu Hospital or to other hospitals in the country with which the Ministry of Health has been able to get in touch about that. (…) All discharged patients had a choice between being transferred from the Foisor Hospital to another hospital or going home. All the discharged patients had a choice of whether they would be transferred by ambulance or taken over by family. Those who need to be seen by the doctor who operated on them will be able to do so through a collaboration between the Foisor Hospital and the team of the Agrippa Ionescu Hospital,” the minister explained.

Compiled from Agerpres

Photo: www.gov.ro


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