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May 18, 2021

USR’s Barna: Governing coalition moves on, Vlad Voiculescu to continue at Ministry of Health

The governing coalition will “move on” and Vlad Voiculescu will continue at the Ministry of Health, said the deputy Prime Minister Dan Barna, co-chairman of Save Romania Union – Party of Liberty Unity and Solidarity (USR-PLUS).

“The message is very simple. The coalition will move on, the coalition is responsible for the reforms we proposed in the governing program. We are continuing in this structure, because it is very important that this Government will fulfill the governing program. It was a discussion… the normal discussion, of the coalition, we discussed about Radio and TVR (Public TV broadcaster), about the HORECA plan, we discussed, of course, about the topic related to Health. There is a support at the level of the current Minister Vlad Voiculescu, which will reflect, of course, in the following period as well. Vlad will continue at the Ministry of Health, there was no plan discussed within the coalition for Vlad to be sacked or step down. The general objective of the coalition and ours, is for those objectives that we have in the governing program to become reality,” Dan Barna declared on Monday, in Parliament, asked about how the talks are going in the governing coalition and if Vlad Voiculescu remains at the helm of the Ministry of Health

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