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August 8, 2022

Gheorghita: 1.062 anti-COVID vaccination centers active in Romania, with maximum capacity of 115.000 persons immunized per day

The chairman of the National Committee of Coordinating Activities regarding immunization against SARS-CoV-2, Dr. Valeriu Gheorghita, announced on Tuesday, that there are currently 1,062 vaccination centers, with approximately 1,495 active flows, where there can be a maximum capacity of 115,000 people per day, if all available positions were to be filled up.

He specified that 724 are Pfizer centers with 1,041 flows, which can ensure a maximum capacity of approximately 73,848 people per day, 84 Moderna centers, with 95 active flows, which can ensure immunization of 9,120 people at maximum capacity, and 272 AstraZeneca centers, with 374 flows, where a maximum of 31,980 people can get vaccinated.

“As of next week, 61 new centers will be added, which will be receiving the Moderna vaccine. (…) At the moment, in the existing vaccination centers, we have a maximum capacity of 115,000 people per day, if all other available spots were occupied,” Valeriu Gheorghita explained.

According to him, there are currently 1,225,356 people scheduled to be vaccinated against COVID, with the first dose, as well as with the second, with all three types of vaccines.

“In the Pfizer centers we have 662,726 people scheduled, of whom 307,000 people are at their first shot. In the Moderna centers, we have 160,300 people, of whom 33,590 are at their first shot, and in the AstraZeneca vaccination centers we have 402,329 people, of whom 9,955 are for the first shot,” the head of CNCAV said.

Since the beginning of the vaccination campaign, until April 12, there were 2,326,484 people vaccinated with at least one shot, of whom with one shot 1,890,754 and 1,435,730 with the second shot.


First lot of Johnson&Johnson anti-COVID vaccines will enter   Romania on Wednesday


The first lot of vaccines produced by Johnson&Johnson will enter Romania on Wednesday, announced the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Health Andrei Baciu, Vice-President of the National Committee for the Coordination of Immunization Activities against SARS-CoV-2.

“Tomorrow, the first lot of vaccines produced by Johnson&Johnson, 60,000 doses, will enter the country and will be on April 15 at the Cantacuzino Institute. We’re talking about the first tranches. In addition, in the last week of April, another 103,200 doses of vaccine produced by the same company will arrive, with a total of 163,200 doses. For May, we will receive 518,400 doses of the same vaccine, based on the estimates we currently have, and for June, 1,661,400 doses. These are the estimates we have at the moment,” Baciu said Tuesday at a press conference at the Victoria Palace.


People willing to get vaccinated without appointment can go to AstraZeneca serum centres with vacancies


People who want to get vaccinated directly, without an appointment, can come on their own to the centers with AstraZeneca serum where not all the places are occupied, said the chairman of the National Committee for the Coordination of Vaccination Activities against SARS-CoV-2, Dr. Valeriu Gheorghita.

“It is important [that those interested – ed. n.] be in good health. All procedures and instructions issued by the CNCAV regarding the vaccination activity are being followed,” Dr. Valeriu Gheorghita said in a conference at the Victoria Palace on Tuesday.

He added that this will most likely be implemented beginning with the the end of this week, from Friday.


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