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October 6, 2022

PM Citu appoints Andrei Baciu acting Health Minister

Prime Minister Florin Citu has delegated his office duties as acting health minister to senior official with the Ministry of Health Andrei Baciu, official sources have told AGERPRES.

On Wednesday, Citu took over as acting health minister after he had previously dismissed health minister Vlad Voiculescu and Deputy Prime Minister Dan Barna refused to be the acting health minister.


 USR’s Barna: PM Citu has gratuitously generated a major political crisis


Deputy PM Dan Barna maintains that the prime minister “has gratuitously generated a major political crisis, perfectly avoidable, for a mean ego victory.”

“Florin Citu has decided to publicly announce the dismissal of a USR PLUS minister while we were discussing mature options to solve the differences. He had prepared himself in advance for a strike that he wished to be spectacular, but which proved to be incredibly immature and damaging the coalition stability. Florin Citu has gratuitously generated a major political crisis, perfectly avoidable, for a mean ego victory. The first condition of a partnership is respect. To get respect one must offer respect. This hasn’t happened today,” Dan Barna wrote on Facebook on Wednesday evening.

He says the prime minister “knew perfectly well that he had loyal partners in USR PLUS.” “He verified this tens of times over the past few months. He knew we are fair, he knew I, personally, as well as my colleagues, had always sought the path of a reasonable agreement. Florin Citu knew as well that I was a few offices or a phone call away and I was willing to discuss for days if needed to preserve the unity of the coalition, to stay focused on reforms, to continue an effort that we had started together,” the Deputy PM shows.

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