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September 29, 2022

Dismissed Health Minister Voiculescu: My tenure was 113 days, 113 days of tenure and clash of mentalities

Recently-dismissed Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu says his office tenure 113 days, “113 days of tenure and clash of mentalities.”

“My tenure ended two days ago, and that put an end to a series of 113 days, 113 days of tenure and 113 days, if you will, of clash of mentalities. I don’t think it’s anything new. And that’s why many of us started doing politics, not just to change certain things, but to try to change bigger things, namely mentalities. Sooner or later that is what it is all about. I am here to tell you – and I have pondered what my approach should be – I would rather be as honest as possible and tell you that I am still afraid for the people of this country, for those who need help, for those who are seen by politicians purely as the electorate. I am afraid for the good people in the establishment, also those who have been waiting for a change for a long time, those who have seen reality in what has happened these days, namely that if you upset the establishment too much, then they will no longer need arguments to eliminate you,” Voiculescu told a news conference at the Parliament House.

He added that vulnerabilities at central and local institutions are “frightening” because they speak of the inability of coordinating a system to serve citizens.

“These vulnerabilities are not personal, they do not belong to one minister or another, these vulnerabilities belong to a system. (…) I have taken over a collapsing ministry of health, to say the least. (…) The problem of the Romanian state with healthcare and any other field still remains the extremely limited capacity of its institutions,” said Voiculescu.


I want to continue to help changing things in health system and help those in need


Former Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu said on Friday that he had not yet made a decision on his political activity, but added that he still wanted to help change things in the healthcare field and help those in need.

“What is very clear to me is that I want to continue to help change things in health and to help those in need. It is something beyond the title of politician or minister or. It is my purpose, what I want to do with my life at this point,” Voiculescu told a press conference at the Parliament Palace.

Asked if he thinks his political career has come to an end, Voiculescu replied: “That remains to be seen. But it is too harsh a matter, I must first decide what I will do next. It was not an easy moment for me.”

The former minister confessed that he blames himself for not having an optimal communication.

He also stated that he sees in his place, at the Ministry of Health, “a better, more skilled man.”

Asked if he will support Ioana Mihaila for the position of Minister of Health, if this is the USR PLUS (Save Romania Union – Freedom, Unity, Solidarity Party) proposal, the former minister specified that he will offer her his support.


Order signed by Andreea Moldovan didn’t need approval from CNSU


Former Minister of Health Vlad Voiculescu on Friday stated that the order signed by secretary of state Andreea Moldovan, which provided new criteria for placing some localities under quarantine, didn’t require the approval of the CNSU (National Committee for Emergency Situations).

“I don’t think that anyone in this country believes that order was something else than a mere pretext. But, beyond that, I want to say that what the PM said yesterday, that a CNSU approval would have been needed, is not true. There was no need for an approval from the CNSU. Mrs doctor Moldovan explained the process, there were two days of debates, two days during which everybody who should have been involved was involved. There were decisions made, there was a protocol, which is concealed, you can ask for it,” Voiculescu told a press conference at the Parliament Palace.

Voiculescu said that the Prime Minister should have been informed with respect to this order by the head of the Department for Emergency Situations, Raed Arafat.


There are fundamental differences between reported an actual number of deaths


Recently-dismissed Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu said on Friday that “there are fundamental differences” between reported and actual numbers of deaths in Romania’s COVID hospitals, arguing that the Unifarm national drugs corporation is “one of the biggest robberies of the pandemic.”

He invited Prime Minister Florin Citu to take up these issues and to review the reporting of deaths in COVID hospitals.

“We have a health minister, who I don’t know how much time he has, but there are a few things we were working on and investigating. I will ask the interim minister, who also holds the position of prime minister, to review the methodology made under his party’s leadership for the reporting of deaths in COVID-19 hospitals. I wouldn’t want to throw numbers around because I couldn’t research that, but our investigation shows that there are fundamental differences between the reported and actual numbers,” Voiculescu told a news conference held the Parliament House.

He also called on the prime minister to monitor the situation at Unifarm.

“Moreover, since we still have an acting minister who knows the history of last year, I would have a request that is in the public interest: follow the situation at Unifarm. (…) That is one of the Romanian national corporations in danger of extinction; it is one of the biggest robberies of the pandemic. It would certainly be better if these two things were clarified as the acting minister is in office, especially since they are directly linked to the party that supported and supports the prime minister,” said Voiculescu.


Compiled from Agerpres

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