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December 6, 2022

Governing coalition meets for the first time after Vlad Voiculescu’s dismissal. PNL: Citu benefits of our full support, we will not replace him

The government coalition is scheduled to meet today at 17:00 hrs for the first time after the dismissal of Vlad Voiculescu, a high-profile member of the USR PLUS junior coalition partner, from the position of Health Minister.

“We are not giving in. We will not replace Florin Citu. We are not yielding any ministry as to what was negotiated in December, we are not giving up any government agency as to what was negotiated. I cannot tell you that white smoke will be billowing out tonight, after the coalition meeting. Most likely, both parties will take a position of power, but I can guarantee you, as I did in December, that things will be sorted out by tomorrow night and that we will move forward in the same formula,” Deputy Chairman of the National Liberal Party Rares Bogdan declared before the meeting of the Liberal leadership that takes place at the Palace of Parliament.

Prime Minister Florin Citu decided on Wednesday to remove Vlad Voiculescu from office. On Sunday he said that he is waiting for USR PLUS to make a nomination for Health Minister.

“I am waiting for USR PLUS to make their appointment for Health Minister, this portfolio belongs to USR PLUS, I will serve as interim until then and I will make sure that things work well. (…) Everything that means political discussion will take place at the coalition meeting with the three political formations,” Florin Citu said on Sunday after attending the meeting of the National Intervention Management and Coordination Center in Ciolpani.

The USR PLUS leaders criticized in recent days the decision to dismiss Vlad Voiculescu from office, in what they term as a unilateral act, and requested an emergency meeting of the ruling coalition to discuss withdrawing political support for the Prime Minister.


Orban: PM Citu benefits of full support of PNL, no question of changing the political configuration


Prime Minister Florin Citu is benefiting from the full support of the National Liberal Party (PNL) and there is no question regarding the political configuration, declared on Monday, the chairman of PNL, Ludovic Orban.

“PNL is a responsible party, which took responsibility of governing and acts for a better governing. (…) The PM benefits from full support. There is no question, not even for a moment, for changing the political configuration. We are not playing with Romania. When we decided that the PM for this Government is Florin Citu, we are consistent, serious and will keep going forward. Our advice for all our partners from the coalition is to leave aside what divides us and let us focus on what the Romanian people truly expect from us, namely to ensure a good governing,” Ludovic Orban highlighted, in Parliament, after the PNL leadership meeting.


PM Citu: Cabinet members’ job performance assessment will look at actions, not words


Prime Minister Florin Citu declared Monday  that the job performance of each member of his Cabinet will be assessed based on everything they do, not on what they say they do.

“I assure all Cabinet members that the assessment will be based on performance, on everything they do, not on what they say they do. I repeat: the assessment of each member of the Cabinet I lead will look at their actions, not at what they claim they are doing,” Florin Citu said at the House of Parliament after the meeting of the National Liberal Party’s leadership, when asked what measures are required regarding the ministers who attacked him after Vlad Voiculescu’s dismissal, specifically in the case of Transport Minister Catalin Drula, who called Citu “a political zombie.”


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