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October 4, 2022

Ministry of Health: No “legally established” work group to verify reports regarding evolution of COVID-19 pandemic

The Ministry of Health specified that at its level “there is no legally established work group” regarding checking daily reports for the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, and that one will be established on Monday, in accordance with the current legislation, and Prime Minister Florin Citu ruled to verify all documents that were issued by the former Minister of Health, as well as the secretaries of state of the last four months.

“On April 17, 2021, Prime Minister Florin Citu, interim minister of Health, requested the secretaries of state and the secretary general of the Ministry, a document of establishing this work group, as well as a report regarding the ongoing activity. Both secretaries of state, as well the secretary general communicated in writing that they do not hold any document of establishing this work group,” according to a memo sent to AGERPRES.

According to the Ministry, the only “concrete” elements mentioned in the written answers regarding the possibility of such a work group are represented by “an intention of establishing” and a “mentioning” regarding its organizing.

“At the same time, a possible meeting is cited, of which it is mentioned that it did not take place. The statements by former minister Vlad Vasile Voiculescu regarding this topic prove that he did not know the legislation, the duties for being a minister and the administrative procedures. In accordance with the current legislation, in exercising duties, the Minister issues orders and instructions with normative or individual character. Not decisions,” the document reads.

The Ministry of Health is requesting Vlad Voiculescu to “stop disseminating false information in the public space and launching unsubstantiated assumptions”.

According to the Ministry, the decision issued by the former secretary of state Andreea Moldovan regarding the establishment of this work group “does not represent an administrative act with normative character”.

During the course of Monday, there will be a work group established in accordance with the current legislation, the Ministry of Health added.

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