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August 18, 2022

PM Citu: Employees of privately run companies, family members can get vaccinated at work

Prime Minister Florin Citu announced on Tuesday that employees of privately run companies can be vaccinated at work, with the approval of the Public Health Directorate (DSP), adding that their family members will also have the same access.

“We had two very important meetings on the vaccination campaign. Today we changed a few things, especially the way in which employees of private companies can be vaccinated at work, with the help of business operators and after being approved by the DSP. I spoke to DSP a few days ago, last week, and told them to support that with all their might. I also met representatives of business organisations, chambers of commerce, the SME Council, Hora, CDR, drug producers, and, very importantly, NGOs and patient associations. We need this vaccination campaign to be expanded,” Citu said.

He added that members of the employees’ families will also have access to these centres.

“Coming back to the vaccination campaign of company employees, one more thing: family members will have the same access. In those communities where there are no vaccination centres, but there is this vaccination centre of those companies, people in the community will be able to get vaccinated. We will make sure that the logistics allow that,” he said, according to Agerpres.


Any voice against the vaccination campaign undermines our back to normal efforts


Prime Minister Florin Citu said on Tuesday that vaccination against the COVID-19 is the only way out of the pandemic and stressed that “any voice” against the vaccination campaign “undermines everyone’s effort” to return to normal.

“Vaccination is the only way out of this pandemic. We now have the necessary doses, we have more of them. We can, if we are successful, we can vaccinate more than five million people by the end of May, so we have the doses for that. We will have doses for more than 10 million people at the end of July, so we just have to send the message that the only solution to get back to normal, to have a normal life, to go to concerts, to theatres, to restaurants, to travel is to get vaccinated (…) From the other side, the private sector, we have all the support; there are NGOs that support us in our campaign, so I think that is already an important effort. What we are doing now is eliminating those voices that still exist against this vaccination campaign. Any voice against the vaccination campaign, wherever that might come from, undermines our efforts, the efforts of all of us, to return to normal as soon as possible. Let me be very clear: any voice that undermines this vaccination campaign undermines our effort to return to normal as soon as possible,” Citu said at the Government House.

He also underscored the need to speed up vaccination.

“We are entering a new stage in this vaccination campaign and we need to speed up. Our openness is full. As I told the business operators, we can contemplate changing certain criteria that we have today, depending on the number of people vaccinated or the rate or percentage of people vaccinated in certain sectors. I talked to the hospitality industry, restaurants. As I was saying, I am interested in having all the staff vaccinated so that we can start eliminating restrictions. What I believe to be the most important – or what I would like, is to have restaurants open, maybe capped at a certain capacity, regardless of the weekly caseload. But that can only be done if we have a successful vaccination campaign both in the towns and cities and in that sector,” added Citu.

He had a series of meetings with representatives of the business community on vaccination centres set up within companies, and also with representatives of non-governmental organisations and patient associations on the COVID-19 vaccination campaign.


Photo: www.gov.ro


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