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August 8, 2022

Bonami adjusts the growth forecast and expands

Following the approval of an initial plan for 2021, which had set a target of EUR 77 million in sales and the maintenance of the same level of profitability as the year before, the decision was taken to change this threshold to EUR 96 million, of which 12%, approximately 11, 5 million euros should come from the Romanian market.

Pavel Vopařil, CEO of Bonami, explained: “After the first three months of 2021, we had to re-evaluate the forecast. We are growing significantly faster, people have realized that they can buy pieces of furniture such as tables and chairs, online, safely. “

Regarding the Romanian market, Bonami recorded a 50% YoY increase in the first 3 months of 2021. Some categories stood out, such as sofas, mattresses or pillows, which indicates that people still want to invest to make their home more comfortable because they spend a lot of time at home. Also, garden accessories and furniture have grown in importance, and due to the fact that Bonami has introduced its own brand, which guarantees excellent design, quality materials at affordable prices and availability in stock.

Vopařil said: “We now have dozens of our own products, I would like to offer hundreds by the end of the year. Next year we will have about a thousand. In the future, we will sell several thousand types of goods under our brands. We know what customers want and what they are interested in, what we can estimate for the future. We currently offer mainly textiles and garden furniture, but we will gradually add classic furniture items, under our own brands. ”

For the near future, the company focuses on several projects that will be implemented in the coming months, which aim to create an improved shopping experience for Romanian customers: optimizing the website and delivery methods. Depending on the evolution of the pandemic and the restrictions imposed, Bonami will evaluate the opportunity to open stores in new locations.

On the other hand, the company’s international expansion will continue this year: “We would like to enter four new markets. We are targeting the former Eastern bloc: the Balkans and the Baltic States. “, Pavel Vopařil also mentioned.

The Miton Group, to which Bonami belongs, famous for launching and successfully selling companies such as Slevomat, Heureka, or Restu, is pleased with Bonami’s results.

One of Miton’s six partners and Bonami’s founder, Václav Štrupl, said: “Bonami makes us very happy – not only through rapid growth, sales and profitability, but also through the energy that Pavel Vopařil instills. This is despite the current complications associated with the pandemic. Personally, I am sure that I could not have run the company better at this stage and what a founder may want more than to find such a competent and versatile leader. “

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