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May 9, 2021

European Funds Minister: I have presented Romania’s Government stance on PNRR in Brussels

European Funds Minister Cristian Ghinea said on Wednesday that he presented to the European Commission the position agreed by the Romanian Government on the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) and made it clear that of the investments for transport, the 4.5 billion euros that go to the railway infrastructure remains unchanged.

“I haven’t heard anyone have any concerns about the way we negotiated in Brussels, where we presented, as I told President Iohannis, Romania’s position, the one agreed in the Government. There are several ministers who are unhappy that the Commission’s feedback brings some aspects that make us, when we prioritise, cut more. (…) When you have 41 billion, everyone loves you in government. When you have to bring in 29 billion, nobody loves you anymore. We proposed, even today in the Government, we had a discussion, a method by which to reach 29 billion. Everything that means green, everything that means digital remains. (…) We take those recommendations, where the Commission says that we do not have country recommendations, that we do not have enough reforms. Ministries must propose reforms,” said Cristian Ghinea, in the Senate, where he participates in the governing coalition’s meeting.

As for the road side, he explained that the financing of road transport in the PNRR is not approved by the European Commission.

“From the transport side, of 9 billion, 4.5 billion are for railways. The Commission has nothing against it. On the contrary, everyone salutes. The Commission says ‘this financial mechanism has not been made for road infrastructure’. We understand, but we have this national priority. We also have projects and we need funding in the next 10 years on this subject,” Ghinea added, according to Agerpres.

The minister pointed out that the motorway to Moldavia has 2 billion euros allocated from the Operational Transport Programme.


PM Citu: Romania will go to Brussels with PNRR keeping within earmarked funds


Prime Minister Florin Citu said on Wednesday that Romania would go to Brussels with the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) keeping within earmarked funds.

“The priorities Romania assumed in the governance programme will be represented in this PNRR as well. We are not dropping any project. There has been a discussion on improving what we have had so far. They asked for more details. Some of the ministers will go to Brussels, in the period ahead, to better explain the projects. (…) I believe there are two or three projects where amounts differ, but the projects stand, as they are important. This PNRR must be looked at in its entirety. Part of the projects will be completely financed under the PNRR. Other projects will be partially funded from the PNRR and other sources – budget or European funds. At the moment, we have this cost reduction, we are going to the European Commission and we’ll discuss the technical details. We’ll go to Brussels exactly with the earmarked amount. There are countries that have exceeded the allotment,” Citu said after the governing coalition meeting.

Asked whether there would be more objections from the European Commission, Citu replied: “No one can give guarantees. We have our specialists who will make sure that the details we have be the ones the European Commission requires.”

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