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December 6, 2021

Government to extend COVID-19 state of alert in Romania. PM Citu: 5 million people vaccinated by June 1 still possible

Prime Minister Florin Citu announced on Monday that the government will extend the COVID-19 state of alert in Romania.

“Yes, we are extending the state of alert. Yes, there are some guidelines that no longer make sense. For example, mountain ski resorts. It doesn’t make sense to be in the government decision and then we will remove those ski restrictions, for example. There are some restrictions that we introduced two months ago, they will be removed, because they don’t make sense anymore,” said Citu.

Asked when the mandate to wear a mask in open spaces will be lifted, Citu said that discussions should be held with specialists.

“There we will have to have discussions with the specialists and, depending on the specialists’ recommendations, we will come up with an answer. I have said that, from my point of view, it is my personal opinion, the people who have got vaccinated and no longer represent a health risk in society should benefit from [exemptions] and enjoy life,” the prime minister added.


Vaccination marathon in Bucharest had exceptional results


He also stated that the weekend vaccination marathon in Bucharest had “exceptional results”, noting that the rate of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus is declining to the extent to which the number of vaccinated people increases.

“Today we are after a very good weekend in terms of the vaccination campaign. The vaccination marathon in Bucharest had exceptional results, I could say fantastic, because the goal was to have 10,000 people vaccinated, and today we officially have over 20,000 of people vaccinated during the marathon, which shows very clearly the desire of Romanians to return to normalcy as soon as possible and the fact that Romanians understood that the only way to return to normalcy is vaccination,” said Citu.

He said that the infection rate is decreasing significantly, and at the same time there is an increase in the vaccination rate.

“So they go hand in hand. It is also a causal relationship from vaccination – the infection rate is declining. The Government is making resources available to reach the target of 5 million vaccinated by June 1. I believe in this target. I have always been told that I am too optimistic, but I say that we can reach this target and I am confident that the Romanians want to return to normalcy as soon as possible,” the prime minister added.


PM Citu says 5 million people vaccinated by June 1 in Romania still possible


Prime Minister Florin Citu said on Monday he was convinced that the target of 5 million people getting vaccinated in Romania by June 1 would be reached and pointed out that next week it is possible that members of the government take to the streets and get directly involved in the mass vaccination campaign.

“We continue at the same pace. We have the resources from the government; we make them available with more vaccination campaigns moving forward to reach our target that we set: 5 million vaccinated Romanians as of June 1 for people. I believe in that goal,” said Citu before a meeting of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Executive Bureau.

He announced a “government meeting in the streets” next week.

“I think that next week we will have the entire government in the streets in the country – ministers and senior officials – at vaccination centres. The entire government must get directly involved in this campaign and I think that next week we will take action, a kind of government meeting in the streets where we will all be and talk to the citizens; we will answer their questions after they come out from vaccination,” said the prime minister, according to Agerpres.

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