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January 31, 2023

Marius Chiriac is the new general manager of Enel Energie and Enel Energie Muntenia

Marius Chiriac, the former coordinator of Enel X Romania, was appointed at the beginning of May as General Manager of Enel Energie and Enel Energie Muntenia, companies that hold together the largest portfolio of customers on the Romanian competitive electricity market.

Michele Abbate, who had been leading the Enel Group’s electricity and natural gas supply companies in Romania since September 2017, will take over a new position within the Enel Group.

„We are very pleased to have Marius Chiriac as the new general manager of Enel Energie and Enel Energie Muntenia. His knowledge on the energy supply and sales activities together with his experience in coordinating business strategies makes him an ideal candidate for the job. I would also like to express my appreciation for Michele Abbate for the excellent work he has done over the last four years as the general manager of the Enel’s energy supply companies and to wish him all the best for his new, challenging job”, said Carlo Pignoloni, CEO & Country Manager Enel România.

“I joined the Enel team more than a decade ago, when Romania was making the first steps towards the liberalization of the electricity market for household consumers, a process I was actively involved in. The Enel supply companies have been major players in the liberalization process from the beginning, meaning that today 76% of household customers in their portfolio are on the competitive market, the largest share of all major suppliers in Romania. I am honored to start a new chapter within Enel Energie and Enel Energie Muntenia to complete this complex process of the energy market liberalization”, said Marius Chiriac, General Manager of Enel Energie and Enel Energie Muntenia.

After having graduated from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest’s Faculty of Energy, Marius Chiriac has gained 11 years of experience in the Enel group. He has been in charge of Enel X Romania since the launch of the company in 2018, starting the largest infrastructure development plan for electric mobility in the country. Previously, he held positions such as Head of Marketing and Head of Sales and Energy Management at Enel Energie and Enel Energie Muntenia.

As General Manager of the electricity and natural gas supply companies Enel Energie and Enel Energie Muntenia, Marius Chiriac will coordinate the general business strategy as well as the supply and sales activities of the Enel group in Romania. His objective is to develop a wide range of offers to meet the current needs of consumers of electricity and natural gas, through integrated packages of utilities and value-added services.

Enel Energie and Enel Energie Muntenia have over 3 million customers in their portfolio, out of which approximately 2.9 million household electricity customers, three quarters of them already on the competitive market. Following the information campaigns carried out last year and continued in 2021, approximately 140,000 domestic electricity consumers opted in the first quarter of this year for offers on the competitive market, 40% more than in the same period last year.

Enel Energie and Enel Energie Muntenia cover the needs of electricity consumers in all areas of the country. They are guaranteed fixed electricity prices for the chosen period and can manage everything online: from signing the contract, to receiving and paying the bill, requesting information and tracking consumption. Moreover, Enel’s offerings have included in recent years the supply of natural gas, as well as various value-added services and products, such as emergency home technical assistance for installations, efficient lighting, or the purchase of electronic and household appliances with payment in instalments and with the installation service included.

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