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May 17, 2022

Citu: There is no internal election campaign inside PNL. Coalition doesn’t squeak, all ministers are doing well their job

Prime Minister Florin Citu denies the existence of an election campaign inside the National Liberal Party (PNL) for the chairman of the party office, pointing out on Friday, at the end of a visit to the drive-through vaccination centre in a mall in Suceava, that there is no competition between himself and the current Liberal chairman, Ludovic Orban.

“There is no internal election campaign. I am here as prime minister. I am here to support the vaccination campaign. (…) At the moment, there is no internal election campaign inside the National Liberal Party,” said Citu.

Florin Citu also has scheduled on the agenda in Suceava a visit to the Gura Humorului Hospital vaccination centre, a participation in the presentation of projects of A7 and A8 motorways and investment projects of the County Council and a meeting with representatives of the HoReCa sector.


Coalition doesn’t squeak, all ministers are doing well their job


Prime Minister Florin Citu on Thursday evening voiced himself content with all ministers and denied any misunderstandings inside the ruling coalition.

He was asked on Digi 24 private television broadcaster whether the ruling coalition was “squeaking.”

“Under no circumstance. (…) It is most certainly a coalition where there are difference objectives, but the same principles, in the end. I do not mind the existence of discussions. You very well know how long it took us to draw up the budget in the coalition, but in the end we came up with a very good budget. We have a very good budget, within which all ministries have got exactly what they wised for to make investments. Discussions are inherent all the time. Even in the same party. I am telling you that last year, when I was at rule with the National Liberal Party – PNL, the budget, the budget revisions were the most complicated things and I was Finance Minister, and it is complicated to make everyone happy, nonetheless in the end we came up with a solution and moved further. A solution was found in Bucharest, another one will be found in Iasi, everywhere. The coalition doesn’t squeak,” the Prime Minister replied.

He said that problems occur when implementing the budget, as “the pressure is very high on ministers to execute their budget.”

The PM maintained that all ministers are doing their job very well at the moment.

“I evaluate the ministers every time, but I publicly present the decisions. Same as I have done so far. The decisions are to be presented in the coalition, afterwards to the Romanians as well. However, I evaluate them all the time, same as you, Romanians, evaluate me every day. There is no deadline, we hadn’t any grace period, or anything like this. You evaluate me every day, my actions. The same way I evaluate my Cabinet, as my performance, the performance of the Cabinet depends on each one of us. If one of us doesn’t do his or her job, we all suffer and that is why it is very important. (…) At the moment, everyone is doing their job well. (…) The test will come in two weeks’ time for the PNRR [National Recovery and Resilience Plan]. They must work hard on the PNRR. There is a test every day,” Citu pointed out.

Asked if he would run for the PNL chairmanship, he replied that the congress hadn’t been announced so far.

“Let’s see when the congress is announced and we’ll see what we’ll do then. I am telling you what I always tell you: I am doing my job, here, at the government, for Romanians, we have very good results, the measures we took last year have borne fruit, the measures we have taken this year are bearing fruit, we have the highest economic growth last year in the fourth quarter, we are going forward,” Citu said.

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