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August 18, 2022

Romania is one step closer to implementing the Digital Nomad Visa for remote workers

Romania is one step closer to adopting the digital nomad visa as members of the Parliament, in collaboration with the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitalisation, submitted on May 12 2021, a draft law regulating this subject.

“Digital nomads are defined as foreign citizens who want to live in Romania for a longer period of time, while still working remotely for an international employer, or for a company they have registered in a third country. We invite international citizens to live in and enjoy our beautiful country, where innovation intersects with traditions and nature”, said Diana Buzoianu, member of the Romanian Parliament and the initiator of the Digital Nomad Visa programme.

Romania, regarded as one of the best countries for remote working, has now opened to all digital nomads who enjoy the flexibility of remote-working while living and exploring the country.

Romania is a favourable destination that is appreciated by digital nomads due to a wide range of factors – from the high internet speed, to the low monthly rent of a one-bedroom apartment. The new law aims to modify the Emergency Ordinance no. 194 of December 12, 2002 for the regime of foreigners in Romania, in order to introduce a new reason for obtaining a visa permit in Romania.

The international labor market experienced dynamic changes in recent years thanks to the widespread use of telecommunication technologies. This rapid change led to a significant increase of professional teleworking opportunities, which was further enhanced due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

This paradigm shift is a new opportunity for developing countries to attract money into their economies. In recent years, in response to this new reality of the labour market, both the EU Member States and third countries have adopted modern legislation that enable the promotion of programmes such the “digital nomad visa”.


Who is the Digital Nomad Visa for?


The visa for digital nomads is a long-stay visa permit for third-country nationals (e.g. non-EU) who have an active employment contract with a company, or conduct business activities for their own company that is registered outside Romania, thus being able to work remotely, and independent of a fixed location.


Requirements for Romania’s Digital Nomad Visa


The main conditions for applying to this visa are:

  • proof of being an employee, or a owner of a company registered outside of Romania;
  • proof that for 6 months before applying for the visa and for the period of time requesting the visa, the digital nomad has an income amounting to at least the equivalent average national income;
  • proof of health insurance for the period of time for which the visa was obtained;
  • proof of no criminal record.




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