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June 18, 2021

Serghei Bulgac, CEO DIGI Communications N.V: Our priority was to consolidate the market positions achieved

Digi Communications N.V. Group announced financial results as at March 31, 2021

Group level:

  • Sustained growth profile: 8.6 % revenue increase, up to EUR 340.2 million and 13 % RGU growth, up to 18.7 million;
  • Strong overall performances with an adjusted EBITDA of 122.5 EUR million;


  • Increase in EBITDA margin, up to 48.3% (including IFRS 16) due to strong operational performance in both fixed and mobile communications business lines;
  • Fixed services RGUs adoption at an accelerated pace: +15.6 % Pay TV RGUs up to 4.9 million and + 19.7 % fixed internet RGUs up to 3.4 million;


  • Substantial contribution to Group’s total revenues (23 %);
  • Reach of 2.5 million RGU`s achieved on mobile telephony and data services;


DIGI Communications NV Group published on Friday, May 14th, its financial results for the first quarter ended March 31st, 2021, announcing an increase of 8.6% in revenues, compared to the same period of previous year (from EUR  313.2 million to 340.2 million EUR) and achieving 13% RGU growth, up to 18.7 million. Adjusted EBITDA was EUR 122.5 million (including IFRS 16), 6.8% increase compared to previous period.

DIGI Group delivered a strong overall performance in the first quarter of 2021, despite the fact that the global economy is still looking after solutions to manage the ongoing pandemic. Romania reconfirmed its leadership among the markets of the group, contributing 61% to the company’s overall revenues. In terms of performances, the following are Spain (23 %), Hungary (14%) and Italy (2 %).

In January-March 2021, DIGI Romania exceeded the key figures recorded in the first quarter of 2020 and reached 13.1 million RGUs on the local market. The main segments, fixed internet and pay TV, delivered outstanding results, reaching 4.9 million RGUs (pay tv, + 15.6% compared to the previous period), respectively 3.4 million RGU (fixed internet, + 19.7% compared to Q1 2020).

On the mobile data and voice segment, DIGI Romania marked its new record in terms of mobile portability, reaching the threshold of 2.5 million mobile numbers ported since the launch of the portability service (October 2008), while adding another 137,200 ported numbers in Q1 2021. The operator has been the undeniable leader of mobile numbers portability, in the last 13 years. At March 31, 2021, data mobile and voice services delivered to the Romanian clients counted 3.8 million RGUs (+9.2% compared to previous period).

Spanish operations kept the prominent position in the Group’s dynamics, consolidating the second market position, after Romanian activities. For a second quarter in row, DIGI Spain maintained its position in the top 5 leading mobile operators on the local market. RGU’s additions in the first quarter of the year propelled DIGI Spain to 2.5 million for mobile voice and data services, a 23.6 % increase compared to Q1 2020. Fixed internet services RGUs raised to 249 thousand, an increase of 120.4%. DIGI developed its fiber optic network footprint, continuing to add new internet broadband users. As a result, revenue contribution to the Group’s total rose and reached 23%. By the end of March, DIGI’s network coverage was at 42 out of Spain’s 50 provinces.


Serghei Bulgac: Our priority was to consolidate the market positions achieved


“We are glad that the results in the first quarter 2021 showed a continuous and sustainable growth of our operations. We are grateful to our clients, DIGI teams and partners for the opportunity to achieve these results. We continue to adapt in these challenging times in order to address market readjustments due to the pandemic crisis, consumer requirements changes, regulatory incertitude and lack of social and economic predictability.

Our priority was to consolidate the market positions achieved, to expand our fixed and mobile networks in all our markets, to diversify our offers and portfolio in order to meet the increasing needs of our customers. The expansion of our client’s base is the proof that DIGI is the first choice for millions of users of internet, TV cable or mobile voice and data”, said Serghei Bulgac, CEO DIGI Communications N.V.

DIGI Hungary continued to pay special attention to gradual developments in order to serve its subscriber needs with the most up-to-date network possible in the field of television, internet and mobile services. In Italy, our RGUs on mobile telecommunications segment (Mobile Virtual Network

Operator – MVNO) increased from 238 thousand in Q1 2020 to 268 thousand in Q1 2021.


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