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January 31, 2023

Deputy PM Barna: Discrepancies in reporting COVID-19 deaths, a real problem but not a conspiracy

The different reports in the medical system of COVID-19 deaths represent a real problem, however a technical one, not someone’s “conspiracy”, Deputy Prime Minister Dan Barna told Tuesday evening private broadcaster B1TV.

“It is a technical matter, my colleague [Minister of Health, Ioana Mihaila – ed.n.] answered very clearly how those figures were generated. Beyond that, I refuse to imagine any conspiracy, for which there is no evidence, no reference and no argument,” said Dan Barna.

He added that solutions are being sought for the issue in the future.

“I am not saying that this issue of methodology is an insignificant detail. Not in the least. It is a real problem, it is a problem that was reported by the former Minister of Health, Vlad Voiculescu, it is a problem that was then continued, analyzed and we have the report of the respective committee during Mrs. Mihaila’s mandate and, obviously, the entire approach aims at correcting these methodological errors that exist. They were real, I am not saying that nothing happened, not by a long shot. It is a real problem, we are looking for a solution to it, so as to prevent this kind of discrepancies from showing up in the medical reports,” the deputy prime minister specified.

According to the Minister Mihaila, heard by Parliament on Monday, the difference between the two reports is due to human error and misunderstood methodologies, which have been amended several times since the beginning of the pandemic.

Minister Mihaila, who was not in office at that time, has admitted the system’s failures pledging that measures will be taken to ensure the reform. The official has blamed the error on a committee appointed in a previous mandate pledging that sanctions are to be slapped shortly on those responsible.

“We are not on a witch hunt, but we have the right information to take the measures required”, Minister Mihaila went on to say, according to Radio Romania International.


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