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October 22, 2021

Welthee, the first online investment platform to offer up to zero risks in volatile markets, is launching in Romania

  • Zero risk transactions recommended for novice investors
  • Multiple investments with small budgets, starting at $50
  • Investments in lei or cryptocurrencies
  • Non-custodial platform, investments managed through decentralized blockchain technologies
  • Diversified portfolios, developed through a smart, fully automated contract
  • Each portfolio has a stop-loss order, a profit target, and a limited time
  • Main accounts for broker-dealers and financial institutions
  • Zero commission

Welthee, the first online investment platform that offers up to zero risks on volatile markets, enters Romania after its launch in Switzerland, in 2020. The platform will be available in Romania in the first half of June, after the current stage of private sale, in which more than 500 investors will participate.

The platform will offer investors the opportunity to choose the desired level of risk, with zero commission and a minimum investment of $50. To minimize the risk, trading on Welthee will involve multiple simultaneous investments, at least five. Portfolios with high risk and return will assume all the risk for a significant reward.

“The Welthee platform is revolutionizing the digital investment market. New opportunities are created for people who until now did not have access to investments, due to budgetary constraints, lack of necessary accreditations, or knowledge to be able to trade safely. The platform is designed for people who understand that the crypto market presents new opportunities, that blockchain technologies are revolutionizing the world as the internet did in the 90s, and who are interested in a new lifestyle and financial freedom. Investors at the beginning of the road can start with zero risks and as they get to better understand markets, portfolios and investment mechanisms, they can increase the level of risk. On the other hand, we also address large investors, with financial potential, who accept a higher risk for a higher estimated profit and who are already experienced in the field of investments “, says Cristian Voaides, Founder.

The platform offers a utility token through which users can create multiple passive income streams by renting tokens, low-risk liquidity funds, high-risk liquidity funds, low-risk portfolios, high-risk portfolios and staking. The Welthee token is required to access portfolios with up to 0% risk.

“Welthee is a new generation investment platform, non-custodial, almost zero volatility, portofolios with variable risk, very secure, providing accounts for passive and active investors, CFOs and financial institutions. Our priority is to provide safety and a very good user experience. We focus on innovation, challenge the impossible and the creation of value through cutting-edge technology”, adds the founder of Welthee.

Users can choose the currency they will hold when the portfolio is withdrawn from the market. This corresponds to what the investor wants to multiply: BTC, USD, EUR, ETH, gold, etc.

A beta version of the Welthee app will be available in late May for Android and iOS.

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