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October 4, 2022

PM Citu to meet with PSD representatives on PNRR topic: “Good day to dismantle the fake news, Romania ranks sixth in the EU with an inflation rate of 2.7 percent”

Prime Minister Florin Citu announced that he will have a meeting at the Victoria Palace on Thursday with Social Democratic Party (PSD) representatives on the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).

He added that also on other topics he addressed invitations to dialogue to PSD representatives, but they did not respond.

“Tomorrow at 15:00 I will have a meeting with the Government with some PSD representatives on exactly this topic. I want to remind you that I was the one who, on the budget, I told Mr. Ciolacu to come to be presented the budget but he did not come. When it is about pandemic, health professionals, I said that I was willing to listen to solutions (…) he did not come. Let’s see tomorrow if the PSD accepts the invitation to discuss a program that interests all Romanians, the National Recovery and Resilience Program,” Citu told a Wednesday’s press conference.


PSD’s Ciolacu: PNRR must be presented in Parliament, no requirement for vote


The chair of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Marcel Ciolacu, reiterated, on Wednesday, that the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) must be presented in Parliament and accused Agriculture Minister, Lucian Oros, of going unprepared to the discussions in Brussels on the topic of projects regarding the irrigation system.

“PNRR must be presented in Parliament. There is no requirement for a vote to exist. Some states have had this ultimately generic vote. We believe the most important thing is for it to be presented. The social partners of the PSD, the experts inside the party and myself will have a meeting, it seems, at the Romanian Government together with the Prime Minister and the Minister of European Funds,” said Ciolacu, in a conference at the headquarters of the PSD.

He accused the Agriculture Minister of going unprepared to Brussels and reiterated that the PSD will submit in this parliamentary session a censure motion.

“In this parliamentary session we will submit a censure motion. As you well know we are still a minority in the Parliament of Romania. Categorically we want this motion to pass, but maybe you could also inform Mr. President Klaus Iohannis what the perception of Romanians in what regards the PSD is,” he said, when asked about an opinion poll according to which 36 pct of Romanians would vote PSD if parliamentary elections were organized next Sunday.


Good day to dismantle the fake news, Romania ranks sixth in the EU with an inflation rate of 2.7 percent


Romania ranks sixth in the European Union with an inflation rate of 2.7 percent, Prime Minister Florin Citu wrote on his Facebook page on Thursday, adding that during the Social Democratic Party (PSD) government this indicator was the highest in the EU for three years.

“It’s a good day to dismantle another piece of fake news. Today I am breaking the fake news published these days about inflation with data. Today, Romania ranks sixth in the EU with an inflation rate of 2.7 percent. I showed that we have the best measures to have economic growth, the fastest economic recovery and we have taken Romania out of the top of shame. This is what governing based on Liberal principles means,” Citu wrote.

According to the prime minister, the government is preparing measures for the post-pandemic period and to ensure “the best period in history” from an economic point of view for all Romanians.

“More clearly, Romania has led the top of the shame in the EU for three years in a row when it was ruled by the Socialists. The inflation rate during the PSD government reached 5.4 percent. To this day, the PSD members have not apologized to the Romanians for such a ‘performance’. Who knows, maybe today is the day when they will apologize,” added Florin Citu.


PSD’s Ciolacu: We have no problem coming to the Government, since PNRR is a national plan for Romania and Romanians


PSD (Social Democratic Party) leader Marcel Ciolacu on Thursday said that he welcomes Prime Minister Florin Citu’s decision to invite the Social Democrats to talks on the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), noting that he has no problem with coming to the Government, because the PNRR belongs to Romania and the Romanians.

“We all know that the PNRR has been rejected twice by the European Commission. We welcome the decision of Prime Minister Citu to invite us today. We have no problem coming to the Government, because we are talking about a national plan for Romania and Romanians. That is what I came with our social partners, for this is not a plan of a political party or not even of a Government. It is a plan that must change the lives of Romanians,” said Ciolacu, before the meeting with the Prime Minister, at the Government, on the PNRR.

He maintained that the issue of presenting the PNRR in Parliament was “overcome,” given that European officials said that “this is normal.”

“I think the time is over with the presentation in the Romanian Parliament, this is already agreed with European Commissioners and the European Commission, including the President of the Commission wrote us a letter that it is normal for this plan to be presented in Parliament,” said Ciolacu, asked if PSD will vote for the EUROATOM Treaty if the PNRR is not presented in Parliament.

PSD leader Marcel Ciolacu came to the Government together with PSD First Vice President Sorin Grindeanu, Dumitru Costin, BNS – National Trade Union Bloc leader, and Florin Jianu, President of the National Council of Small and Medium-Sized Private Enterprises in Romania.


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