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February 3, 2023

Injoy.ro has been launched – an online boutique of astrological information and pampering

The www.injoy.ro website has been launched – an online platform of astrological information that presents a new, modern perspective, of interest to all those who want to broaden their horizon of knowledge and understanding of the world, relationships with others and of one’s own person.

“The spark from which the idea of www.injoy.ro started are the revelations I received with the study of astrology and the passion with which I approached this subject. Being in a moment of reinvention on a personal level, I dared to turn a hobby into a job that I would enjoy doing.

The name of the website is related to the project in which I have been investing energy, emotion and passion for more than 18 years, the Four Seasons restaurant in Bucharest. Thus, from the “Enjoy” told to customers who came to my restaurant, this expression was refined and became a deeper state – “In Joy”, a source of inspiration and harmony for readers to live their lives with joy.

I chose to invest in this direction because the study of the stars revealed to me that the interest in astrology is a trend that will experience a significant expansion in the coming years. People are increasingly interested in astrological information for self-knowledge and personal development, and the customized objects, which carry the energy of this information, will populate our personal space more and more. I consider that the aesthetics of the universe will always be attractive and that’s why I thought it was a great idea to gather on the injoy.ro platform, along with articles about zodiac signs and natural products, astrological-themed objects crafted by talented people”, said the project’s founder, entrepreneur and astrologer Alice Panțâru.

“Scan the sky”, one of the options available on injoy.ro, offers a broad understanding of the events we go through on a personal and collective level, through the x-ray of the astral map of the moment. With the help of these weekly articles, readers can discover new opportunities, vulnerabilities or possible tensions, they can use the advice received on a daily basis and thus have a life with more joy and relaxation, according to the natural rhythm of the universe.

The articles present various topics such as: the atmosphere of each zodiacal season – in order to make the most of the characteristics of the sign we are going through, but also information that helps the reader get acquainted with his own natal chart, with those personal details that build its unique character.

The injoy.ro website also has a lifestyle and entertainment component where it approaches, also in correlation with the astral energy of the moment, unique information about celebrities, personalities with social impact, places and activities that deserve to be known by the general public.

At the same time, some articles thoroughly present the benefits of essential oils and explain how they can be used to improve mood, as well as the association of each aroma with the specific features of each zodiacal sign.

In addition to the astrological branch of the project, injoy.ro expands the field of discussion and sells, at the beginning, DoTerra essential oils and personal care products, but also posters customized according to the user’s birth chart. The boutique will add collections of handmade objects with astrological themes designed by those craftsmen whose artistic work coincides with the platform’s line of interest.

The online platform www.injoy.ro is the ideal place for those who are on the path of personal development and transformation and want to add to their area of knowledge a fresh and optimistic vision through the secrets of astrology. The component of the online store also offers a wide range of products that bring joy, comfort, well-being and spiritual inspiration.

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