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August 8, 2022

PM Citu unveils video highlighting the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccination

On Thursday, Prime Minister Florin Citu unveiled a video highlighting the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccination that he will publish on his Facebook page, mentioning that he is also challenging the other members of his Cabinet to do the same.

The clarifications were made on Thursday at the Government House ahead of the beginning of the release of a public information campaign regarding the vaccination against COVID-19.

“In order for you to understand that I, as the prime minister, also wanted to show Romanians what the vaccine means to me … It is not a video that will be broadcast on national TV, it will only be on my page, but I also joined this campaign so that all Romanians understand what I missed during this time. (…) It will not be on TV, it will only be on my Facebook page, but I also joined this campaign. I have challenged my colleagues, the leaders of the coalition, and I am extending this challenge to all Romanians. Everyone should tell us what the vaccine contains for them. And regarding my colleagues, I know that we have some unique videos, you will see them in the coming days. Each minister will post a video on his or her personal page,” Citu said.

In the video, the prime minister appears in a cafe at a table. He talks about the benefits of immunisation and urges ministers to publish similar videos.

“What does the vaccine contain? Normalcy. Being able to drink my coffee with my friends here inside. Not being dependent on the mask anymore; being able to go to concerts, to the beach, without worries. But especially being able to see my family safe,” he says.

The information campaign released on Thursday will contain 11 videos to be broadcast in the media, including both videos of a general message and videos intended for certain target audiences. The prime minister mentioned that these videos will be broadcast on radio, TV and online for at least six months.

Citu added that this communication campaign is carried out free of charge by the government, with support from UNICEF.

“The government did not pay for the creative design or the production part – they have been donated. It did no pay for the media part either, because it is a public information campaign of national interest,” the prime minister said.

He called on TV and radio stations and digital media to support the campaign.


Vaccination is a common good of all, which we need in order to return to normalcy


Vaccination does not only mean statistics and figures, “it is a common good of all, which we need in order to be able to return to normalcy,” said Prime Minister Florin Citu, at the launch of the information campaign on COVID-19 vaccination.

“Today we are launching a new vaccination campaign with a personal approach, with an emotional approach, because, as you have seen, during this period, vaccination is not just about statistics and figures, vaccination is a common good of all, which we need in order to be able to return to normalcy. Every Romanian who has not yet been vaccinated should think about what he/she is missing, how his/her life will change if he/she gets vaccinated. What you are missing and stops you from having a normal life ahead? You are a parent, you know how hard it was last year when the children had to stay home for a year with the schools closed and because we haven’t had enough people vaccinated in the last half year. But we have no excuse for not being able to advance in this campaign at this point, because we do have the vaccine,” said Florin Citu.

The Prime Minister added that other reasons for vaccination could be related to the desire to see one’s parents more often or to take a vacation.

“Another reason could be that we want to see your parents more often, but you are not vaccinated. You want to go on vacation, but you have fears. The solution is to get vaccinated, it’s the surest way to have a successful vacation. Every Romanian has to think about what he/she missing while not getting the vaccine and how his/her life changes if he/she gets vaccinated. And it’s simple, because we all want to return to normalcy,” said Citu, according to Agerpres.

The Prime Minister specified that a theme of the campaign launched by the Government is: “Together we defeat the pandemic!,” which was promoted before too, but now it will be added a new element, namely the question: “What does the vaccine contain?”.

The head of the Executive specified that through this campaign 11 spots are launched that will be broadcast in the media, on television in particular, in the next period, of which 3 are general, which show what people miss in the pandemic and 7 other are targeted on students, grandmothers, mothers, tourists, young men, festival-goers.

Photo: www.gov.ro

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