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August 8, 2022

Ministers Ciuca, Aurescu and Gheorghiu join government’s campaign to encourage COVID vaccination

Defense Minister Nicolae Ciuca has joined the government’s campaign to encourage COVID vaccination, stating that for him the vaccine signifies the moments throughout the period of pandemic he could not spend with his family, friends, comrades, and the hugs he couldn’t give his parents.

Nicolae Ciuca responded on Friday to Prime Minister Florin Citu’s challenge to confess what the vaccine means to him in the new public COVID vaccination campaign.

“I am one of the millions of Romanians who took the vaccine. I want to share with you that, for me, the vaccine signifies the moments, during this whole period, which I couldn’t spend with my family, the hugs I couldn’t give my parents, the moments I was unable to spend with all my loved ones and friends. It also includes those moments when I couldn’t reunite with my comrades and have those get-togethers that once gave us the opportunity to discuss and, why not, debate any subject. Therefore, I believe that this vaccine is the only way for us to get closer to normal, and I tell you from my heartfelt conviction that this return to normalcy practically depends on each of us and on our will to vaccinate,” says the Defense Minister in a video clip posted on his Facebook page.


ForMin Bogdan Aurescu: For us, diplomats, vaccine contains many lessons learned


Minister of Foreign Affairs Bogdan Aurescu responded on Friday to the challenge launched by Prime Minister Florin Citu to the members of the Cabinet as to what the COVID vaccine means to them, in the context of the new national vaccination campaign.

“The vaccine contains for us, diplomats, many lessons learned, about the importance of solidarity, not only between people but also between states, about the importance of joint efforts and effective multilateralism to overcome an unprecedented crisis, about the way to adapt and be more resilient as a society, as a state, as international organizations of which we are part for the direct benefit of the citizens,” says the head of the Romanian diplomacy in a video clip posted on his Facebook page.

Aurescu emphasizes that “the European mechanisms and the status of European Union member state status have made possible Romania’s access to vaccines so that as many Romanians as possible can be immunized and protected against this virus.”

“I ask everyone to get vaccinated so that we can return to normalcy, because only together can we overcome the pandemic. And I ask my fellow state secretaries within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to say what the vaccine contains for them,” the foreign minister concluded.


Culture Minister Gheorghiu: For me the vaccine means full performance halls, festivals and removing restrictions, predictability


The Minister of Culture, Bogdan Gheorghiu, pleads for the need for vaccination, the only way we can resume our lives with our loved ones, once the restrictions are removed.

“The Prime Minister has launched the challenge of what the vaccine means to you, more precisely what the vaccine contains for you. For me, the vaccine contains safety for loved ones, hugs, family meals and the opportunity to see smiles, full performance halls, festivals and removing restrictions, predictability,” Gheorghiu said in a video posted on Facebook.

The minister shows that we can only give up the mask by vaccinating ourselves.

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