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September 19, 2021

Authorities investigate Arad businessman’s death in car blast as first-degree manslaughter

The top court Prosecutor’s Office is probing the violent death of 66-year old Arad businessman Ioan Crisan in a car explosion as first-degree manslaughter.

“The case prosecutor ordered several forensic assessments by multiple specialties, as required by the complex nature of the aspects that are being investigated. Several people were heard and the criminal investigation continues at a steady pace,” the Prosecutor’s General Office informs, adding that the Romanian Police has allocated important human and logistical resources to the case.

The businessman’s Mercedes Benz exploded on Saturday morning as he wanted to drive off the car park of a supermarket located on Aurel Vlaicu thoroughfare in Arad.

Ioan Crisan owned one of the few African catfish farms in Eastern Europe, set up several years ago on the grounds of a former hemp factory located a few kilometers from Arad. The farm has 22 pools supplied with thermal water from a 900 meter deep well and accommodates tens of tons of fish stock.

Speaking last night on broadcaster Digi24 about the incident that is being handled as a bomb blast, Premier Florin Citu assured that despite this Romania is a very safe country.

“This is the first attack in 30 years. Let us first of all note that we have managed to stay clear of such events for 30 years. I don’t know if any other country around Romania, in this region, has been able to avoid such incidents. (…) It is a very serious matter, there’s a prosecutor’s investigation under way, we are waiting for the results. Experts from all institutions competent to investigate such a case are engaged in this effort and we will find out what happened. (…) We will definitely find out what happened there, we will learn and we will prevent other such violent events,” the Prime Minister said.

He once again emphasized that Romania remains a safe country even after this incident. “One such event in 30 years does not mean that Romania is an insecure country. Romania is a very safe country,” Citu said, according to Agerpres.

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