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January 23, 2022

Companies in Romania include digital archivation in the sustainability investment plan

Sustainability targets lead multinational companies to access recycling services


 According to EAD data, the largest Portuguese player in the digital archiving market, also present in Romania, multinational companies concerned with sustainability and environmental protection are increasingly interested not only in digital archiving services, but also in document recycling services. This trend is visibly upward, as Romania last year ranked 26th out of 27 in the EU in terms of the percentage of waste recycling.

According to data released last year by the Ruropean Commission, in 2018 in Romania the rate of municipal waste recycled was 11.1% of total waste, down from 13.2% in 2013. Romania is far from the European average rate, which is 47.2%, with the highest rate of waste recycling in Germany of 67.3%.

EAD studies show that a regular employee working in an office generates between 54 and 68 kilograms of recoverable white paper waste annually. Paper consumption has increased by 400% in the last 40 years and this has led to intensive logging, with deforestation in some countries. About 35% of trees cut down across the planet are used for paper production. In this context, the number of companies using recycling services increased globally by 17% last year.

”We live in a world increasingly concerned with the environment and reducing the carbon footprint, and recycling is a must-have in companies’ sustainability programs. In Portugal we have the opportunity to recycle not only paper, but also wood, metal, plastic, electrical equipment, batteries and bulbs. Locally, we have a partnership with a well-known company of archiving paper documents, ArchivIT, which offers excellent document management services, including: archive storage in logistics centers authorized by the National Archives, recycling and secure destruction of expired archives, inventory or archive transport. Our goal is to recycle all waste, constantly aiming to improve the productivity and competitiveness of the companies we work with”, says Bruno Amaro (photo), CEO of EAD Digital Romania.

Secure recycling of physical archives allows companies to protect themselves in situations of potential risk that may arise in the process of disposing of confidential documents, and to ensure that their documentation is destroyed in accordance with the new data protection rules and local legislation in force.

In the case of a recycling request, the EAD team, together with its partners, collects the files to be destroyed, issuing at the end a report for disposal of the archive. EAD thus supports organizations in the proper management of their documentation, as well as in reducing the environmental footprint of the company and its customers.

EAD assists companies in handling paper-based documentation, offering traditional file management solutions such as custody, safe destruction, document organization and evaluation. In addition, EAD invests in various digital solutions, which have been developed in Portugal and which allow the company to solve the recycling problems that organizations may have in terms of agility, speed, mobility, compliance, cost optimization and competitiveness.



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