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January 29, 2022

1,000 sqm of Work of Art with Air Purification Function : Bucharest in color through an exhibition that combines nature and art in a gloTM campaign

Almost 1.000 sqm of walls will be turned into works of art by Sweet Damage Crew, a team of Romanian young artists in partnership with One Night Gallery, within ”Eco Graffiti / Rebels with a Cause” campaign supported by glo.

The murals with air purification function will be developed in some of the most crowded spaces in Bucharest. The artists will use exclusively eco materials: 25% paint with air purification function, 75% eco paint, green mosses, and solar lamps. Each mural painting will be able to purify at the similar level to 4 adult trees full of leaves.

 Rebels with a cause is an extensive initiative that supports the Romanian artistic community through different projects aimed to generate new perspectives and meanings under #breakbinary concept. Eco Graffiti project starts from the FUN & PURPOSE theme and supports young artists in creating mural graffiti works that are the expression of rebellion and fun, freedom of experience and more: assuming a higher scope for the general betterment, as well as environment’s and communities’ we live in. By creating these eco natural murals, the company shows its commitment to sustainability and to generating special artistic experiences.

 The campaign’s main objective is to create a vivid and dynamic space where art is showcased in the public eye by transforming the grey dull spaces into artistic vibrant and colourful experiences, able to give the space back to the community not only through colour and artistic emotion, but through eco and natural elements, a real green space aimed to contribute to environment and quality of life. The artistic works within Eco Graffiti project will be available on @glo_romania Instagram page.

”Eco Graffiti means passion for art and care for environment, a journey initiated by glo for giving the city back to the community, in an important moment when we all miss being together again. The paint with air purification attributes used in the murals’ creation process is yet another proof that technology can contribute to a better life, reducing the risks we are daily exposed to”, states Alina Câmpanu, glo senior manager, British American Tobacco Romania.

Within the Eco Graffiti project, a group of graffiti content creators and artists will create works in a #breakbinary style, combining concepts that can be considered opposite but together turn into works of art, a public exhibition of graffiti and plants, extravagant illustrations and eco painting, grand installations and fresh air. Basically, 6 concepts with a break binary spirit are inspirational for transforming the grey public spaces into urban art:


  1. There’s Life in Online
  2. Nobody’s Famous
  3. Young and Experienced
  4. All by Yourself
  5. Be Your Own Filter
  6. FOMO missing you

Important artists like Inna, Speak, Cătălin Bordea and Macanache joined the Eco Graffiti initiative aimed to beautifying the city and supporting the creative industries, reviving places in Bucharest and offering the appropriate frame of creative and environmentally friendly expression. They claimed buildings in Bucharest as the first pages of the ”Rebels with a Cause” saga. The rebellion has started on  www.rebelswithacause.ro.




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