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March 23, 2023

CHO, Chief Happiness Officer, a very little known job in Romania and worldwide is being introduced, in Transilvania, by FSP Global Group

FSP Global Group will appoint someone in charge of ensuring that all employees are happy at work.

One of the reasons we decided that the FSP Global Group team needs such a specialist is that, because of the pandemic, people have become more and more isolated and unsociable. Now that we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, we need to gently prepare for a new work situation, in which the work will be hybrid: both from home and from office. These people coming back from their comfort work from home will need to (re)adjust to the new reality, to the social part of being in a team, to (re)discover their sense of belonging there. And, after that, to keep on being content with their workplace. These changes need to bring them both professional and personal satisfaction on a long term basis. So, this must and will be a permanent job, not a temporary (post) pandemic one.

”Every single action towards a person regarding their relation with our company, meaning all processes, must be re-defined to ensure a happy experience and a happiness-driven workplace. Recruitment and onboarding, career planning, performance management, succession management, engagement and recognition, these are all areas that can benefit immensely from a happiness-oriented approach”, says Antonio Patane, FSP Global founder. He believes that the employees need to feel that their work is appreciated at its true value, but also that they, as human beings, are appreciated as well.

The CHO will have to discover what the needs of his / her colleagues are, in order to understand what makes them happy, but also to show them that their work is important to the team and to the company. The work environment can be a continuous source of professional and personal satisfaction if people are encouraged to grow – not only professionally, but personally as well.

One of the main goals at FSP Global Group is not just to offer good work conditions, but for its employees to gain satisfaction out of their work. The happiness of its employees should be a priority for every company, no matter its domain / field of activity.

”A happy employee is a good employee: a more efficient, more productive, more balanced employee. And I believe that a company that wants to be successful should be more than a workplace, but rather a place where people are happy to work” (Antonio Patane).

However, the responsibility for creating this environment will not be of the CHOs alone. It lies on everyone’s shoulders, from top management to beginner employees, to actively participate in creating a happy company. Not everything is about work and salary. It is equally important to create a positive work environment.

Antonio Patane, FSP Global founder, concludes that ”happiness is not the same with motivation, making the employees happy is not only about motivating them to work, happiness is a more general state of mind / spirit.”


About FSP Global Group


FSP GLOBAL GROUP is an international group of companies present in many countries, with its headquarters  in Cluj-Napoca. FSP Global, the main company in the Group, is a leader in the Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) sector and operates 24/7, 365 days a year. FSP Global provides exceptional high quality multichannel customer care experience and support through its call centers.

FSP Global offers a wide range of services in BPO and is unique in its domain due to its impressive range of language portfolio, among which: English, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Hungarian, Italian, Romanian, Czech, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Ucrainian, Kazah, Bulgarian, Albanian, Burmese, Malay, Africaans and other 10 South African languages, Hindi, Urdu and others. It provides services for clients in more than 25 countries from 3 continents all over the world, like: Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Netherland, Romania, Ireland, Arabic countries,  Czech Republic, Poland, Australia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Pakistan, etc.



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