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January 24, 2022

Adiss issues a private placement of shares

Cristian Rat, main shareholder Adiss: The funding supports the accelerated development of the company, in the context of the rapid growth of the market



  • Substantial turnover increase, from 4.5 million euro in 2019 to 8.3 million euro in 2020
  • 60% profit increase in 2020, compared to 2019
  • 30% turnover growth in T1 2021, compared to the same period last year
  • The development of a new business dedicated to designing and technological consultancy for the development of infrastructure projects, under the concept of technological HUB, that connects the local market with top companies in the world
  • A new line of business dedicated to the online selling of point-of-use water filtration systems and water-stations, exclusively for HoReCa industry, office buildings, schools, and hospitals


Adiss, a Romanian company specialized in wastewater and water treatment, carries out an offer for the sale of shares, through a private placement, end of this week, with the support of the brokerage company Goldring, “Intermediary of the Romanian entrepreneurial companies” – title conferred by BVB in 2018 and reconfirmed in 2021. The private placement will be followed by the listing of shares on the AeRO market of BVB.

Leader in its field, with over 28 years of experience in Romania, Adiss successfully designed and executed over 300 wastewater treatment plants, that connect 2.5 million people in 700 communities, meaning 40 million liters of cleaned water daily.

Adiss is one of the few Romanian manufacturers of compact wastewater treatment plants and process equipment, offering at the same time, complete solutions, products, and services for improving water quality. The company manages the entire process of wastewater and water treatment – designs, produces, develops solutions, manages projects, offers consultancy, service, operates wastewater plants

Adiss ended 2020 with an increase of almost 90% in turnover compared to the previous year, respectively 8.3 million euro compared to 4.5 million euro in 2019.

The funds obtained as a result of the sale of shares through private placement come to support the accelerated development of the company, the range of solutions, products and services Adiss offers to the needs of customers in the target segments: local and regional water companies, construction companies, industrial manufacturers, as well as new business opportunities. The water infrastructure market in Romania will continue its accelerated upward trend in the next 10 years, and Adiss aims to consolidate its dominant position in this market. Currently, we are leaders in the wastewater treatment market and we aim to be the most important company in the water treatment market, as well. The company works for a sustainable future in which the water of Romanian communities is in good hands, treated with great respect, scientific precision and responsibility towards people, public health and the environment. For 2021, we aim for an increase of over 10% in turnover, compared to 2020“, said Cristian Raț, main shareholder Adiss.

A new line of business is dedicated to the design and technological consultancy for water infrastructure projects, with an accent on new technologies for improving water quality and the reduction of carbon footprint, though the concept of technological HUB connecting the Romanian market with worldwide top technological companies in the field. Such a partnership creates the premises of future favorable evolution of Adiss in the context of more and more severe environmental requirements imposed by the European Union to companies and towns.

The latest report from the European Commission shows that Romania ranks last in terms of wastewater collection and treatment. In 2019, 631 million cubic meters of wastewater were discharged without prior treatment.

“Wastewater treatment is one of the biggest environmental problems Romania faces, along with waste management and air quality. Romania treats secondary only 50% of the waters for which it should do it and treats tertiary only 35% of the collected waters that require this rigorous level of treatment”, says Cristian Raț.

According to the latest diagnostic report on Romania`s waters, published by the World Bank, Romania still has a long way to go to comply with European Union requirements, despite massive investments and support reforms.

The investments made in Romania for wastewater infrastructure after the country’s accession to the European Union (January 2007-January 2019) amounts to more than 6,000 million euro (state budget + non-reimbursable external funds), of which 55% for the rehabilitation and expansion of sewerage and 45% for the rehabilitation and construction of new wastewater treatment plants, according to data presented on the government website.

Romania’s National Strategy for Sustainable Development for 2030 targets the development of water and sewerage infrastructure, and aims, among others: connecting households in cities, communes and compact villages to the drinking water network and sewerage network in a proportion of at least 90%; extending the rational reuse of treated and recycled water in relation to achieving the objectives of the circular economy; reduction of the proportion of untreated wastewater and substantially increasing the safe recycling and reuse of water.

 “Attracting funding through BVB comes in the context in which Adiss already has well-anchored corporate governance structures in business administration – separate internal audit structure, audit committee, environmental policy – and a track record in accessing European funds through collaboration with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) “, added Cristian Raț.


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