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August 18, 2022

Qualinest: The European Union has a shortage of at least 500,000 IT professionals

  • The European software development services market is on the rise. According to a Eurostat study, the number of ICT specialists in the EU grew by 40.0 % from 2011 to 2019.
  • Even so, there is a large shortage of specialists in the field: 53% of European enterprises reported difficulties in filling ICT specialists vacancies.
  • The latest available studies show that in 2017, the European Commission estimated a shortage of 500,000 IT professionals by 2020.
  • In addition, the global software testing market is expected to grow by up to 50% by 2026 to $60 billion, leading to a rise in demand for software testing engineers.

In the context of a rising demand for software testing services and specialized personnel, Qualinest, the software testing consultancy company launches three course modules targeted to those who either are looking to start a career in the field or want to upskill. The three modules include (i) software testing fundamentals, (ii) test automation with Java fundamentals and (iii) API testing and API test automation.

The courses focus on gaining hands-on experience rather than learning abstract information​ and are over 60% practice reviewed and supervised by the trainer. The trainings are delivered live online, in English, by highly experienced trainers with over 15 years of experience in the field, amongst which Sabina Amaricăi, Qualinest founder.

“It is well known that the software testing industry is facing a shortage of skilled human capital. The growth of the market is drawing the demand for experienced professionals in the field. In our experience we have noticed that many projects are struggling because there is a deficit of specialized staff and team members are lacking certain skills. Having a strong training strategy is key to a strong team and a successful project “, said Sabina Amaricăi.

Sabina is a software testing architect, known for her expertise in developing test automation tools and performance testing tools. With over 15 years of experience, she has worked for some of the largest companies worldwide in banking, financial services and IT, including Mastercard and IBM. In 2018, she founded Qualinest, a consultancy company in the field of software testing, covering projects worldwide.


Who are Qualinest courses for?


Qualinest courses were designed to fit any career objective. The fundamentals module is aimed at those who want to start a career in software testing and requires no prior knowledge and experience in the field. The “API Testing and Test Automation” and “Software Test Automation with Java fundamentals” courses are designed for testing engineers searching to upskill. The first course is designed for those who want to become experts in API testing and test automation, and the second course is aimed at testing engineers wanting to become test automation engineers.

Prices start at EUR 3,000 and go up to EUR 7,200 for 120 course hours. In addition to the standard courses, Qualinest also offers on-demand bespoke training services to companies.

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