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August 18, 2022

Chamber of Deputies debates simple motion initiated by PSD against Minister of Investments and European Projects. Ghinea: The text of the motion is a web of blatant lies, misinformation and contradictions

The simple motion against the Minister of Investments and European Projects, Cristian Ghinea, submitted by PSD (Social Democratic Party) is being debated on Monday in the Chamber of Deputies, and the vote will be cast on Tuesday.

The motion, titled “Cristian Ghinea – from zero to abyss”, signed by 82 PSD deputies, was submitted last Wednesday in the plenum.

In the motion, PSD says that the immediate dismissal of the Minister of Investments and European Projects, Cristian Ghinea, is necessary, because he displayed “managerial dilettantism”, and that the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) “is a disaster” and “will destroy Romania for the next 5 years”.

“What curse was cast on this country, that the one who buried the European funds in 2016 to pencil in the billions of Euro promised by Iohannis, which he will grind to dust! The signals are clear: Every day with Ghinea at the helm (of MIPE, ed. n.) means immense losses from European funds and a dive in the abyss of austerity. The current absorption rate has reached rock bottom, the PNRR is a disaster, and programs from the 2021-2027 Financial Framework do not exist, not even on paper. Every day, Romania is losing a lot of money because of Minister Ghinea’s incompetence,” the PSD says.

According to the social-democrats, Minister Ghinea is guilty of reducing allocation intended for Romania in the PNRR.

“In December 2020, when Mr. Ghinea was appointed Minister, the allocation for the PNRR was 30.5 billion Euro. Six months later, on May 31, 2021, when, after two setbacks, Cristian Ghinea submitted the third option of PNRR to Brussels, allocation for Romania was being reduced to 29.2 billion Euro. In other words, he did not even breathe and 1.3 billion Euro have evaporated. Another 2 billion Euro disappeared from future funds for cohesion, where Romania was left with approximately 28 billion Euro from the 30 billion Euro in December 2020,” the motion says.

According to PSD, the plan submitted in Brussels by the current power “destroys” Romania for the next 5 years, and “the entire society” is criticizing it.

“Both the economic environment, as well as the academic or civic ones have criticized this plan. It is for the first time in history when a national program is criticized by the entire society, and the Government is defying everyone and submits a document which destroys, rather than develops. PNRR, which should have developed Romania and determined the growth of the living standard of Romanians, was confiscated for purely economic reasons of some clientele groups of the governing. Minister Ghinea nonchalantly admitted that he did not read the entire plan that he sent to Brussels, after keeping it a secret. He was not even interested in what he is submitting, apart from the pages in which he stated impressive allocations for the relatives or own companies or for administrations led by the representatives of the current political power,” the social-democrats also say.

They also say that through the PNRR, the Romanians are left with austerity, increase in retirement age, freezing incomes: salaries, pensions, allowances.


Ghinea: The text of the motion is a web of blatant lies, misinformation and contradictions


PSD spreads fake news more than the television stations serving this party, and the text of the motion is a web of lies, misinformation and flagrant contradictions, the Minister of Investments and European Projects, Cristian Ghinea wrote on Monday on his Facebook account.

According to the relevant minister, Romania has an absorption rate of European funds of 55%, in the EU margin of 58%.

“PSD’s lie: Every day means huge losses of European funds and sinking into the abyss of austerity. Truth: The European Commission’s forecast estimates the increase in Gross Domestic Product by 3.8% in 2021 and 4% in 2022, respectively. The estimated growth in the case of Romania is higher than the EU average. PSD’s lie: The current absorption is a disaster. The truth: The rate of absorption of European funds on May 1, 2021, for the financial year 2014-2020 is 55% – ie 16.8 billion euros, European money entering Romania. Romania’s absorption rate is within the EU average (58%), equal to that of Belgium and higher than other countries such as Italy (53%), Spain (51%), Denmark or the Netherlands (45%),” said Minister Ghinea on the day when the Chamber of Deputies debates the simple motion of PSD against him.

Regarding the accusations according to which the programs from the Financial Framework 2021-2027 do not exist on paper either, Ghinea showed that Romania published last year the proposal of the Partnership Agreement and the proposals of the Operational Programs related to the programming period 2021 – 2027, documents that were put in public debate and which can be found on the website of the Ministry of European Investments and Projects.

“None of the EU member states has started the projects on the next financial framework. They did not even know how, at the moment, we are in the negotiation phase of the Partnership Agreements, according to the schedule established by the EU,” the quoted source states.

Cristian Ghinea also pointed out that Romania has not “lost” any cent of the PNRR and explained that the allocation from the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism that belongs to each member state is made on the basis of a calculation formula.

As to the PSD statements according to which Romania did not allocate European funds to support the medical system in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the relevant minister announced that an amount of 2.7 billion lei from European funds was allocated in the last year for the endowment hospitals in Romania amid the pandemic, and the relevant ministry has already signed 169 financing contracts with beneficiaries in the medical sector, throughout the country.


Source: Agerpres

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