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July 28, 2021

PSD notifies CCR regarding revocation of Ombudsman

The chairman of PSD (Social Democratic Party) declared on Thursday that his party will notify the Constitutional Court regarding the way the revocation procedure of the Ombudsman took place.

“Today (Thursday, ed. n.) we will notify the Constitutional Court (regarding the way the Ombudsman’s revoking procedure took place ed. n). You all saw how things developed, just like in the time of Stalin. They did not even allow the Ombudsman, Ms. Renate Weber, to explain or to answer to the accusations brought upon by the current governance. I would like to remind people very clearly, the Ombudsman’s activity is to monitor the power and not to allow it to infringe liberties and citizen rights, ours, everyone’s,” Ciolacu said in Parliament.

He added that Ombudsman has no attributions of praising a Government, but on the contrary, to monitor it.

“So, here you are, power, Government, coming and accusing the Ombudsman of monitoring you and saying that you broke the law regarding the rights and liberties of citizens, I find this simply defiant in a European country. We will also address the European Commission in the following days, we will send a notification, because this is simply inadmissible. The rule of law was broken in Romania,” he said, according to Agerpres.

Deputies and senators voted on Wednesday the decision draft regarding the revocation of Renate Weber from the head of the institution of Ombudsman.


Privatisation of health and canceling increase in child allowance real reason for removing Ombudswoman


The Social Democratic Party (PSD)  claims that the real reason why the governing coalition removed Renate Weber from office is to have no one to attack the emergency ordinances at the Constitutional Court, the only one able to do so being the Ombudswoman.

“PSD (…) condemns the real reasons why the Governing Coalition forced the dismissal of the Ombudswoman at any cost. The abusive approach initiated by the governing coalition aims to remove the Ombudswoman before July 1, 2021 – the date by which the government intends to adopt two emergency ordinances on health privatisation and to abolish the increase in child allowances, given that both normative acts prepared by the government have major constitutional flaws, that is why it was absolutely necessary for the current coalition to take political control over the Ombudswoman, the only one able to attack the government’s ordinances at the Constitutional Court,” reads a press release sent by the PSD to AGERPRES on Thursday.

According to the same source, considering that the new framework agreement signed between the National Health Insurance House and the health service providers comes into force on July 1 this year, it was necessary for the government to issue an emergency ordinance “in order to carry out its plan in respect to the privatisation of the health services in the form of so-called co-payments.”

PSD mentions that it opposes the attempts of PNL (National Liberal Party), USR-PLUS (Save Romania Union, Freedom, Unity, Solidarity Party) and UDMR (Democratic Union of Hungarians of Romania) to transform Romania “into a totalitarian state” and will signal this serious slippage from the democratic norms to the European Commission, the Council of Europe and all international bodies.


Speaker Orban: Renate Weber has truly been a devil’s advocate, her revocation was an expected outcome


Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Ludovic Orban considers that the revocation of Renate Weber from the position of Ombudsman was “an expected outcome”, that he supported primarily because she “endangered” the life and the health of Romanians.

“Renate Weber was not the Romanian Ombudsman, but the PSD [Social Democratic Party]’s lawyer and the lawyer of PSD interests’. She was truly a ‘devil’s advocate.’ The main reason why I supported the dismissal of Mrs. Weber is that she endangered the life and health of Romanians. There are several points of view, I had a strong enough reasoning. I think the revocation of Renate Weber from the position of Ombudsman is an expected outcome,” Orban said.

Asked about the accusation according to which Renate Weber was not supposedly entitled to defense, Orban said: “She was summoned and was present in the Legal Committees. She could come to participate [ed.n.- in plenary). Was she expecting some special invitation? The same way it was conveyed to her that she can participate in the parliamentary procedures … This is a pretext, it is not a serious reason. PSD can attack at the Constitutional Court”


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